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PHOENIX WAS EXHAUSTED by the time the sun had risen. She learned that getting a few hours of sleep slumped against a tree was uncomfortable and that she had a terrible sense of direction. But, she was determined to be the first one to find whatever fell from the sky. From a simple glance, she could tell it had too much speed to be a star.

Even though the grounders haven't attacked since Jasper was speared, Phoenix slept with one eye open. She was in their territory and did not want to get caught. So really, her few hours of sleep was all in all maybe a good few minutes.

She knew it was stupid to be out of the camp alone, but she didn't really care. Phoenix was hurt and didn't want to be around anyone at the moment. She had trusted Bellamy, and he let her down. The only ones she could trust were Finn and Octavia. The younger girl had taken Phoenix under her wing, and Finn had been protective of his girlfriend's best friend. He would never forgive himself if anything happened to her, which is why back at camp everyone was searching for Phoenix, who never came back, and Bellamy who took off early in the morning.

Phoenix had finally reached what she saw fall from the sky, her jaw dropping in shock once she saw it was a small ship. She sprinted over to it after she gathered her bearings, throwing open the door to it. It was old, from what she could tell. Much older than the ship the 100 arrived in. There were wires dangling from the center of it between the two occupants. Of course, she couldn't tell if it was from the damage of the crash or if it was due to something else.

Despite everything in her body telling her not to, she began to shake the pilot awake. The person underneath her fingertips jumped, causing Phoenix to step back. Just as the person she woke began to unbuckle themselves, two voices called her name. She turned to see Finn and Clarke jogging over to her, both looking relieved.

"Phoenix?" She heard a familiar voice call. She turned, seeing the pilot pulling off their cracked helmet, shocked to see it was Raven.

Phoenix's eyes lit up, and she threw her arms around her friend, happy that she was there. The hug didn't last long, as Raven spotted her boyfriend along with Clarke.

"Finn!" She yelled out, running over to him and pulling him in for a kiss. Phoenix noticed how Clarke looked absolutely horrified, wondering to herself why that was. But, she didn't have any time to dwell on it once she heard the other ship door opening. She turned, her blood running cold at the sight of her older sister pulling the helmet to her suit off.

Aya slipped out of her suit, turning to see her sister staring at her. She froze, fully expecting her sister to be dead. But, there she stood, looking as displeased to see Aya as always. At that moment, Aya didn't care. She was just glad her sister was alive. The older girl ran for Phoenix, wrapping her arms around her tightly.

Phoenix clenched her jaw, readying herself to push her away. She didn't want her sister to be there. Luckily, Raven broke the awkward silence by asking where the radio was. Aya pulled away and Phoenix walked over to her friend, Clarke right behind her. The blonde looked to Finn before shaking her head, "Bellamy."

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