hey guys!

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I am here to tell you that I am sorry for not updating.

I know a lot of you still wait for your requests and im sorry for not making them.

Idk why-

School hasnt started for me, yet but it will next week.

I dont rlly know when I will began to write again, myb later??

It is just...idk, like i dont really feel to write??

I mean, I am busy in day time.

I need to study (which i secretly dont, just drawing stuff. Myb I could start writing porno cuz mY PARENTS DONT KNO ENGLISH SO IM FReEEeeEee).

But anyway, I hope you all can forgive me and I truly am sorry for not updating anything.

Not even shitposts😥

Requests are still open!

For now!! And I will try, like I wanna try to write ur requests in diferent AU's.

Im a bit tired of modern AU so idk.

Maybe Vamp AU cuz that is pretty kinky.

Myb Omegaverse AU.

Myb....idk...Hanahaki AU (which wont make any sense)

Maybe, anime AU (does this even exists desu??)

And other more!

Till then, I shall see you soon

Maybe I shall starting to write smth....

Oki bye!💕💞

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