Okay, so this is my only paranormal story. No, it's not your typical vampire story. In fact, vampires aren't even in this story...Yeas, it does have some sort of darkness/forbidden/scary guy in it but you'll justr have to read on to find out...

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Chapter 1. He thinks it's a date!

I take a deep breath and stride towards him. He stands with his back to me, talking to the captain of the basketball team, John. John nudges him and points my way. He immediately sweeps around and looks me in the eyes. Shivers radiate down my spine. There is something scary about him, something I cant put my finger on. I stop in front of him and as he tells John to move on. We simply stare at each other before I brake the spell.  

"Hello, Tyler," I say unenthusiastically.  

"Good morning, Quinn." He replies. There's also something weird about his voice, something ancient. He looks about the deserted hallways and then those brilliant eyes flicker back to me. They are grey but sometimes, when I look at them they would look a brilliant midnight black with flicks of flaming red. It must just be the way the light hits them.  

"I'm looking forward to doing the history project with you," He says when I don't say anything.  

"Yeah? Well I'm not." I reply simply. No point in lying, he knows I hate him even more than I know that he's got an attraction to me.  

"Always so polite, Quinn." He murmurs.  

"Polite? Me? Aw shucks. I'm flattered," I say with a scowl on my face. A large part of me just wants to punch him right now but I push it aside. I knows what he does to girls; he goes out with them for approximately three weeks and then dumps them like trash.  

"So, who's the latest girlfriend, Tyler? Is it Nicole Smith? No, I heard you dumped her last week. You better start rationing the girls, Tyler. Sooner or later they're going to start running out." I say with a smirk on my face.  

"Nah, there'll always be one." He says as he steps forward and touches my cheek. Heat flares through my cheek bone and I know he feels it too because he jumps back and looks down at his hand in disbelief.  

"Don't ever touch me again," I try to keep my voice steady but I cant seem to stop trembling. I start to walk away but he shouts my name and I swirl around.  

"Seven o'clock, my place. Bring the text books." His voice wavers. That's not like him. His voice is usually like running honey. I sigh, roll my eyes and walk away. I'm going to have to go to his place if I want to get this project done.

I look up at the expensive looking building. Number 7. This is it. I'm only going to go stay for an hour and then I'm going home. I ring the door bell and glance at my watch. Twenty minutes late, oops. Tyler opens the door and leans against the frame.  

"Hey there, baby. Your looking very striking tonight." he comments. I look down at my clothes. I'm wearing skinny jeans, converse and a sweater. Probably not a vision in white. I roll my eyes and then push past him and into the house. Tyler doesn't live with his parents. They bought him this place for his seventeenth birthday. I head straight down the corridor hoping that the door at the end is the living room. Fortunately, it is. Inside is a few white, leather sofas, an electric fire, a plasma TV, book shelves and a few funky painting which I suspect were painted by famous artists.  

"Like it?" He asks from behind me.  

"It's ok, I guess. I never knew you could read." I add sarcastically. I sit on the single leather sofa so he cant get too close.  

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