Chapter 23

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So you decided

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So you were going to make the last move.

''Taehyung...?'' you call softly, as he tilts his head. ''yeah?''

''Can you bite me?''

The words flowed out your mouth like silk, and you didn't realize how stupid you sounded until you said it aloud.

He stares blankly at you, mouth hung open slightly. ''Am I dreaming?'' he rubs his eyes, blinks and stares at you again. Your doe eyes stare back.

''w-wait are you serious?'' he gulps, biting his lip. ''I thought that was the last thing you wanted..''

You push your hair to the side, and slide the right side of your top lower until your shoulders were exposed.

His eyes widen slightly. The heat of his gaze burns onto your skin, his iris darkening underneath his hooded eyes. Gulping, he takes a step forward.

''fuck it'' he breathes, sliding his hand behind your nape and pulling you into his embrace. His slender fingers slide across the exposed area below your neck, rubbing them tenderly.

''So, want my bites or hickeys?'' He purrs seductively, his warm breath washing over your skin. You close your eyes. ''you choose''

''If you insist...'' he whispers. His breath brushes hotly over the exposed skin a split second before his lips do, his fangs protruding into your flesh. You wince, as he wraps his arms around you and tilts his head to reach your shoulder.

It was a strange sensation, although not as painful as the first time. It was hot to the point of burning but also indescribably sensual and warm.

You let out a shaky breath as he licks the remaining remnants of blood using long leisurely drags of his tongue, while you struggled to orient yourself among all the sensations he was creating within you.

Painful, but pleasurable if you are learnt from this experience.

When he finishes, he lets go of you and breathes deeply, licking his lips. ''fuck, that kinda turned me on...''

''calm your dick'' you roll your eyes lazily, looking up at the darkened sky. Dots of stars accented the matt black canvas above, and you realize time was running out. You had to go back to Jackson...

''shit...I gotta go'' you say, feeling for your bite mark. It had already begun healing. His lids lower heavily over his glittering eyes, looking down sadly.

''You are welcome back anytime...'' he mutters, as you nod gratefully, walking ahead into the forest. You look back and see his figure in the distance, and six more figures join beside him and wave.

After a while, when you look back, they aren't there anymore.

''goodbye'' you whisper to no one, fastening your pace to reach your destination.


[No ones POV]

It was 11PM. 

Y/N and Jackson entered the forest together, feeling slightly apprehensive. They glance around, the place silvered by the radiance of the full moon which hung like a luminous pearl in the otherwise lightless sky.

They were completely clueless of how this worked. How long will they remain wolves? Will they be in control? Will they lose their memories again?

So they had no choice but to wait and see.

''When is it going to happen?'' Y/N asks, afraid. Minutes felt like hours and as time passed by she began feeling more frightened. Jackson takes hold of her hand, comforting her with his presence because even he did not know.

Jisoo had insisted she escort them, because she wanted to see how they change but neither of them had agreed so she stayed back.

The clock struck midnight.

Jackson was the first to react, as he let out a sheer scream. He fell to the floor, his smooth skin splitting like a tree bark. Wiry black hairs sprouted out of him as his bones moved under his skin like mechanical snakes.

Y/N watches in horror, the sight almost too grotesque for her to comprehend. However it's not long before her skin bubbles and her bones transform until they both completely change into their original forms.

They were almost indistinguishable to normal wolves, but they were larger and moved with intelligence.

But there was something unusual about the two this night. Their eyes were glazed with malice and animosity, and deep growls were vibrating in their chests.

They were out of control.

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