Fortnite- Vikklan

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Vikk's P.O.V.

I squinted, sitting up. The sun was shining brightly above my head and as I looked around I began to panic because while everything was so familiar, I was used to seeing it from a different angle so that it looked completely different.

You see, I was used to seeing this world on a screen but now I was standing in the world, feeling the grass underneath my feet and feeling the wind in my hair.

I jumped when a panel appeared in the sky, reading off a short paragraph which both explained what had happened and terrified me to the core.

You are in a Fortnite solo game, there are 99 other players who will be hunting you, trying to kill you. Your aim is to survive in any way possible and the to survive will be declared the winner. The storm will kill you. Good luck.

There was the sound of a cannon and I scrambled away from my starting point, looking around. I recognised the area as Lonely Lodge, one of the least popular area on the Fortnite map and I didn't see anyone around.

There on the ground in front of me was a pistol with a blue glow around it, which from my memory wasn't the greatest, 25 for a body hit and about 50 for a head shot and about 50 metres away, right out in the open, was a bolt-action sniper rifle, with a blue glow around it. Massive damage if you hit.

I scrambled for it, not even thinking. My first thought was to protect myself because I still had no idea what was going on and just as I reached it I heard footsteps around behind me. I swung around and shot blindly, hearing a scream as the shots hit and then nothing.

Simon fell in front of me, bleeding from the 4 shots that had hit him in his chest. I screamed and scrambled to his side but there was nothing I could do, he was already dead, and as his body faded away in my arms I screamed out. I had just killed one of my best friends.

The second his body faded completely from sight, leaving only a mini shield behind him, a cannon boomed in the difference. It reminded me of the hunger games and I got what was going on at once.

The players in the game were people I knew. Friends, acquaintances, other YouTubers like me probably, and they were all probably as confused as I was, having no idea what was going on.

I spun on my heels to see if there was something, anything that could help me and projected in the sky was a board. On it was my health, 100, my shield level, 0, but that number changed to 25 when I chugged the mini shield that Simon had left behind, where I was in the map, my kills, 1, and I shuddered, and the time until the storm began to shrink. There was also the remaining player. 99 now. Simon had been the first to go.

I needed to get on the move. There was an hour until the storm shrunk but because I was right on the edge of the map I had to move and I had to move now. I couldn't run the whole way, I wasn't that fit and the map was huge.

Just move, I thought to myself. You can sort everything out later, you need to get away from the border.


The cannons rang throughout the day, every few minutes there was another boom in the distance and I knew someone else had died. The player numbers began to shrink, only 10 minutes after I woke up it was down to 75 and over the next few hours it kept going down, down and down and down until the number his 40.

60 people had died in less than 4 hours and I knew that this was real. We might have been in a game but something told me they were dead and they weren't going to come back again.

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