Chapter 11 - You owe me

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Paige's POV

"You know thats not true." Emily said staring at me.

"Emily this was three years ago. When we first met you thought I was a snoody bitch that only cared about winning."

"'re not!?" She joked smiling.

"Nice. I just hate her. She's not changed a bit since then." I said rolling my eyes. Emily ran her hands up my thighs and glanced at me.

"I dont think you have pig skin. I think you have very smooth skin....but I'll have to check." She smiled. She took my shirt off.

"Lay on your stomach." She demanded. I obeyed. She started rubbing my back and I moaned.

"I love massages." I said shutting my eyes.

"Then you're in for a treat, although you so dont deserve it for falling asleep on me last night." She scoffed.

"I was tired! All that alcohol and Ali mess drained me."

"I know baby. Just relax." She kept rubbing my back.

"What did you like about Alison?" I asked.

"Like I said I didnt like her, I liked the parts of her she made up. I liked how brave she was, but the funny thing is you're everything she wasnt. You are truly brave, and fearless. You protect me, even when I beg you not to. You knew what was going to happen with Ali and you still gave me my space to figure it out on my own. I love you for all of that." She kissed my back and threw my shirt to me.

"Do we have to leave this room?" I groaned pulling my shirt over my head.

"Sadly yes. You and I," she said smacking my butt, "need to go swim. I think all those cheetos are going to my stomach." She frowned pulling up the bottom of her shirt.

"Em stop it. You're beautiful. You can take a couple days off from running or swimming and still be more in shape than anyone I know." I kissed her cheek.

"Yeah yeah. Lets go." We walked downstairs and saw Spencer holding her head in her hands and Aria and Hanna drinking coffee.

"Well goodmorning sleep head!" Aria smiled to Emily.

"Oh yeah, waking up to Ali threatning my girlfriend is wonderful." She rolled her eyes.

"So thats what she wanted. Me and Spencer were taking bets that she had a mental breakdown and threw herself out your window." Hanna laughed.

"I said she'd chain herself to your bedroom door so she could monitor you two twenty four I guess we both lose to Aria." Spencer said still holding her head

"Whatd you bet Aria?" I questioned.

"Oh, just that she wanted to talk to you and try to scare you just like everyone else. I knew it wouldnt work, pay up you two!" Aria smiled and held out her hand. Hanna dug through her purse and handed Aria a 20$ bill.

"You owe me $10 Spencer." Hanna yelled.

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