14. Lost Souls

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"Be patient

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"Be patient. Sometimes you have to go through the worst to get to the best."


There are two things I despise with all of my heart. The word perfect and letting people down. And I had no choice, but to let down the last person I wanted to let down right now.

A half an hour had passed since I woke up in the hospital with Mia and Dad's worried presence. The doctors informed me that my body had a negative response to the medication I had been taking, which caused my health to deteriorate.

Now with dad and Mia talking about my new medication with my doctors in another room and Bree leaving because visiting hours were over, I was lying alone in the hospital bed, the empty silence within these plain walls, creating an eerie tension in the room.

Only one person could do something with this suffocating silence. Ignoring the knot in my stomach, I grabbed my phone and took a deep breath before calling Cayden.

When he picked up, I heard him clearing his throat over the speaker. His smooth, yet deep voice reached my ear. "Maya Greene."

Despite everything, I found myself automatically smiling. A weak, but a real smile. "Cayden Bloom."

"You know, I kind of thought we were past this whole full name thing," I admitted, grinning despite my terrible health.

By the sound of the enjoyment in his voice, I assumed he was smiling. "I kind of like it. The full name thing. It's...amusing."

Tipping my head back, I laughed.
I wish we could just continue talking about something good, but I needed to keep my feet in reality.

"I um...I need to tell you something. Remember what happened at school in the bio lab today?" I asked, gently.

For a small moment, Cayden went silent before his voice came as a careful whisper. "Yeah?"

"Well, turns out my body has responded negatively to the medications I've been taking."

Cayden's breath hitched in his throat.

"What happened?" His voice was so vague, I thought I imagined it.

Squeezing my eyes shut, I balled my free hand into a pale fist. The words stung in my throat as I forced them out. "I fainted. I've been admitted to the hospital."

The sound of something hitting the floor and shattering into pieces pierced through my ears, causing me to flinch. My heart immediately thumped loudly in my chest and I quickly sat up in my bed.

Cayden swallowed hard. "A-Are you okay?"

"Y-Yeah. I'm okay. I just need to stay at the hospital for the next three days. The doctors need to run a few more tests and keep me in check," I responded, reassuringly.

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