Stuck In A Closet... Literally- Vikklan

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Heyyyyyy guess what? Last night we had the heaviest fucking rain in several decades and jesus it literally sounded like it was raining cats and dogs (I'm not exaggerating here) and it's STILL raining!!!


Vikk's P.O.V.

I sighed and hugged my backpack close, nervous that someone would try to tear it from my back again, for the third time that day. If someone took it too far and threw my backpack or dropped it onto the floor then my laptop could get broken. Again.

I was the new kid at a tiny school, 400 students at most spread across 4 years so everyone knew everyone, except me. They teased me for everything they could find, my height, I was several inches shorter than even the next shortest boy, my accent, I had a thick Sheffield accent and since moving to London people had picked on me for it and my colour. Being in a mostly all white school didn't help me and the teachers didn't seem to care.

My lip started to tremble when I heard yelling behind me, pushing and shoving as some of my biggest bullies made their way towards me, to tease and ridicule me again. I turned away and clung to my bag, already feeling the tears forming in my eyes cause I just didn't want to deal with it anymore!

I jumped when one of them grabbed my arm and he pulled me backwards, pushing me into the wall.

"Where do you think you're going?" He asked, shoving me heavily into the wall and making me fall backwards onto the ground. "You ain't getting out of this."

Several others surrounded me and my automatic response was to cover my head, knowing they would probably start kicking me or even throwing stuff at me, just trying to hurt me. One of them grabbed my arm and started to drag me along the floor, and I started kicking out because his hand was over a very sensitive place on my arm and it hurt.

I was shoved into the janitors closet and tripped backwards, falling over the brooms and mops. I cried out as my head hit a shelf and almost blacked out for a second, but my head shot up when I heard someone else cry out and more cleaning supplies were disrupted as someone fell over beside me.

The door slammed shut, leaving me in the darkness and I heard the other person take a sharp intake of breath, pushing himself into a sitting position. As my eyes adjusted to the dark, with thin slivers of light creeping in under the door, I worked out who was stuck in the closet with me.

It was Lachlan Power, a kid in my year but one that I had hardly ever had contact with in my school year. He was popular, all the girls loved him but he had a record as a heartbreaker, he refused all advances from the girls and ignored all of them.

"What-" Lachlan was confused and he shook the nob of the door, trying to open it. Before he even touched the door I knew it was locked, I had been locked in small rooms before by the bullies but I was wondering how he ended up in here.

"Don't bother." I whispered, rubbing my head. "We'll have to wait for the janitor to open it."

He waded his way through the cleaning supplies and crouched down beside me, making sure that I was okay before sitting down. He opened his phone and turned on his flashlight, shining it at me and making me cover my face with my hand.

"Are you- what's that on your arm?" I lowered my arms and grabbed at my sleeves, stopping him from pulling down my sleeves when he reached for me. "Vikk?" He said fiercely. "Please, I want to help you."

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