Magic- Vikklan

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Vikk's P.O.V.

I smiled to myself as the sparks flew from my fingertips, the air around me filling with every colour of the rainbow. The sparks were like glitter, catching the light and sending colours off in all directions, covering the walls and ceiling in bright colours.

It comforted and calmed me, seeing the colours everywhere, because it reminded me that everything was okay and there was nothing to worry about. Whenever I was stressed it was something to calm me, something to tell me that it was alright. You see I was part fairy, it gave me these powers to create colours. I could do more than that but I rarely did, I didn't need to and I was quite content with my human life, so I didn't see any need to change it.

I had some amazing friends who I lived with, called the Sidemen, and I had a YouTube channel which meant that I could do what I loved as a job, all day every day if I really felt like it. I was amazing and I never wanted to give it up, not for anything.

I also had some other friends too, one of which was staying with me in the Sidemen house. Lachlan. He was from Australia and one of my closest friends, especially as we both did Minecraft still, although he was drifting away a little, but we were still very close.

We talked all the time, Lachlan called me every night to make sure that I was sleeping when I needed too so I became used to hearing his morning voice when he called me at 8 in the morning, 9pm my time, to make sure that I was beginning to pack everything up to have some me time.

Right now he was in London with me, staying in the guest room upstairs and we had planned to record a video together in a few minutes. I was just about to wave the sparks away when the door was pushed open and Lachlan wandered in, looking very absentminded.

"Hey Vikk- what the hell is going on?" He was completely stunned, his eyes wide as he looked around and saw the rainbow sparks floating in the air.

"I- I- can... I can explain!!!!" I blurted out, shaking. I was terrified, no one was meant to find out about me or my powers!

Lachlan looked completely awed, his hand reached up and touching some of the sparks in the air, his fingers trailing some of them. He blinked.

"I don't think you need too.... this is amazing..." A blue spark floated past his head and he touched it gently, amazed when it floated down around his head and hovered there.

"You don't- you don't care?" I asked, bewildered and confused as to why we wasn't asking any questions, why he didn't seem confused, or angry or why he didn't feel anything but wonder and awe.

"What? No, no, no, no! Of course not, this is... this is AMAZING! This is so beautiful and awesome and..." He sighed happily and spun around, his hand brushing some of the sparks again.

"You don't mind?" I asked, still suspicious.

"Hell no! This is so cool!!!" He started jumping up and down, waving his arms into the air. "Oh my god this is freaking awesome!!! How are you doing this!!!"

He was jumping up and down like a child, his eyes lit up like Christmas light, reflecting the colourful sparks in his eyes and giving me a view of him that I had never seen in him before. He looked like a child who had discovered something new, bright and happy.

"It's- they're my powers." I stuttered, rubbing my hands together. "Yeah."

His eyes were wide.

"You have powers?" He gasped, jumping again. "I'm freaking out right now."

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