Shinobi: Homura

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It was now Monday and (Y/N) is seen taking the public bus home as he was sitting in the very back. He continues to read the Encyclopedia as he turns to the next page to see the info and picture of a tanned girl with a long ponytail.

 He continues to read the Encyclopedia as he turns to the next page to see the info and picture of a tanned girl with a long ponytail

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Name: Homura

Age: 16

Faction: Crimson Squad

Blood Type: B

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Height: 5'4

Eye Color: Green

Bust: 87 cm

Cup Size: E

Waist: 57 cm

Hip: 85 cm

Animal Guardian: Japanese Rat Snake

(Y/N): *scared*

Hobby: Fights and Battles

(Y/N): What I first thought of regular delinquents. 

Favorite Food: Japanese food and meats

Personality: Cool demeanor, calm, serious when it comes to a present situation

Weapon: Hexa Katana, Nodachi (Engetsuka)

Backstory: Homura was originally a good Shinobi. She hailed from a prestigious Shinobi clan and so the life of a Shinobi would quickly ensue. Ever since her first year in elementary school, she had been training to become a powerful Shinobi and wanted to be the best there was.

(Y/N): Such loyal dedication. And I respect that.

Every day, she had been training and under a lot of pressure from her parents. Eventally, stress has been building up inside her. During middle school, her male teacher was defined as a 'oasis' for her. He would continue to listen to her talking things that can be sometimes pointless, and she thinks of him of some that is a 'special existence.' During her second year, she talked to the teacher of her plans after middle school. She then confessed that she came from a Shinobi clan because he was the only one she can trust to share her information. But when it was received, the teacher attacked her, only to reveal himself as a evil Shinobi that was ordered to know about her clan's secret. Homura was very shocked from this, but refused to believe that the only man she trusted was very cruel. The man then told her that he didn't give a damn about her conversations about pointless things and her naivety brought her to this dark moment. With such frustration taking over her, Homura snapped. She didn't remember anything except the teacher's face with blood stains. She says that if she haven't met that evil Shinobi, she would have been a normal good Shinobi student. After all of that chaos, she was disowned by her parents and was forced to leave them for good. All that she had left was the family's heirloom and a broken heart. After that, she kept wandering the streets, until a woman offered her to join Hebijo.

(Y/N)'s hair covers his eyes with darkness as he goes to his house. He sets his stuff at his desk and goes to the garage. You then hear the sound punches happening to a punching bag and shouts from him. The camera goes to the Encyclopedia laying on the desk but a pin with the emblem of the Crimson was next to it. 

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