Fragrance of Redemption.

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My days don't always go great,
And sometimes it isn't just fate.
There are times when I feel so down in the mouth,
That I shamefully wish to go south.

She does not even have to be there,
But her scent reminds of that feeling so dear,
In all forms.

It stealthily passes me by,
And it fills me with euphoria like a former ally,
Redeeming that nostalgic feeling,
And giving my bruised spirit the right kind of healing.

As the sun goes down,
So do my feelings of despair, anger and sadness,
Ironically, the sunset takes away in me all the darkness,
And as it rises the following day,
So does my spirit,
Which makes me see the value of love,
As it is; meant to always reign above.

A/N: A huge thank you to HoneyAndVanillaTea and TheWeirdBlob17 for giving me inspiring ideas for this poem!

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