Chapter 6

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It was weird waking up in my bed. I was so used to Killian's fluffy huge bed. I turned and my eyes made contact with Peters beautiful sleeping face. His brown hair was slightly falling in  his face. I pushed the hair back. He looked so cute as he slept. So peaceful.But when he wakes up he will turn back into the person that I don’t want to see. No matter what words he can say to me I cant shake the feeling of terror that i feel around him. My mind wandered to Killian and I thought of how heartbroken he must be right now, what was he doing?. Peters eyes started to open and his green blue eyes met mine.
‘’morning’’he said
‘’morning’’I said. He kissed my forehead before getting up and pulling his clothes on.
‘’im going to get you some breakfast. Stay here’’he said before walking out. I layed back on the pillow and sighed. It did feel good to be back at the camp, this was my home, but I missed Killian. Peter came back in with 2 bowls of fruit. I smiled at him as he handed one of the bowls to me.
‘’thank you’’I said and i took a bite of a strawberry.
‘’your wish is my command queen Roselina’’
I rolled my eyes and I took a bite of the fruit.
‘’whats on the schedule today’’I said after i had chewed.
‘’im going to teach you how to use a bow since you are so bad at it’’ he said winking and I rolled my eyes.
‘’im not bad at it. I wasn’t taught how to fight back in the enchanted forest. I learned how to knit and stand up straight’’I said before taking a bite.
‘’did you walk with a book on your head?’’he asked smirking at me and lifting his eyebrow like he always dose.
‘’yes and don’t laugh at me! its actually really hard!’’
He laughed and I hit his arm.
‘’ow!’’he said and I rolled my eyes
‘’oh that didn’t hurt and if it did I think you need to get tougher’’I said rolling my eyes and he laughed.
‘’I guess I need to get tough because that hurt bad rosie!’’he said pouting. I rolled my eyes and kissed his arm.
‘’better?’’I asked and he nodded
‘’yes’’he said winking at me and he took a bite. I set my now empty bowl on the table and I walked to my dresser and looking for a dress to wear.  I felt peters arms go around my waist. My nerves enlightened at his touch. Why was I so in love with him but scared at the time. For some reason I couldn’t shake the feeling of being afraid. Not of him but what he could do.
‘’get changed and I will meet you out there’’
He kissed my cheek before walking away.
‘’tease!’’I called after him and I heard his howl with laughter. I smiled and I put my corset on before I changed into the dress.  It was a light pink dress, no beads or gems or anything it was just simple.I looked in the mirror and saw my eyes were red slightly, puffy. I dont care, i wasnt trying to impress anyone. I walked from the mirror and i grabbeda  cream cloak and throughing it over my dress, tying it. i took my hair from the pony tail and I  brushed my hair. It feel in curls down my back.I put some shoes on before  I walked outside the tent and I saw Peter talking to Felix talking. Peter looked at me his eyes and he stared at me as I walked up to them.
‘’its good to see you back here rose’’Felix said greeting me
‘’thank you Felix’’I said nodding. Peter took my hand and his other hand had a bow and arrows.
‘’we will be back later’’Peter said before leading me away from the camp. We got a little close to our meadow and peter let my hand go and handed me the bow.
‘’now hold it up to that tree’’he said pointing to the tree. I held the bow up and I set the arrow in. I positioned my arms.
‘’no not like that’’peter said getting closer to me and putting his hands on my shoulders and he positioned them.
‘’okay now aim’’ he said and he walked behind me, putting his hands on my waist.
‘’its kinda hard when all I can think about is your hands on my body’’I said. Damn it I didn’t mean for that to come out!
‘’sorry love I know im distracting’’he said and even when I couldn’t see him I knew he as smirking with his eyebrows raised. He let go of me.
I aimed for a spot on the tree and then released the arrow and it almost hit a different spot. I barely skimmed the tree.
‘’damn it! I was so close!’’I said frustrated with this stupid bow. I have been trying to learn for months!
‘’hey its okay. At least you didn’t miss’’he said and I turned to glare at him he smirked before handing me another arrow. I placed it in the bow and I positioned my shoulders like how peter did and then I let go and it hit the spot, right in the middle of the tree!
‘’peter I got it!’’I said jumping and hugging him. He spun me slightly.
‘’great job, love’’he said. I looked at him my face glowing from happiness he looked at me proud.
‘’now lets work on hitting something that moving’’peter said letting me go and he looked and he pointed to a bird that was sitting in a tree.
‘’okay try to hit that bird’’
I looked at the innocent thing and I shook my head.
‘’no!’’I said.
He looked at me and his eyebrow arched in that way it dose.
‘’come on Rose its just a bird’’he said. I signed and nodded and I aimed for the bird. Petr threw a rock at the tree scaring it and it aimed and I hit it in the head. I screamed and dropped the bow In surprise. The bird fell with a thud. I felt really bad for that bird.
‘’good job!''he said walking over to me/
‘’I feel bad’’I said
‘’its fine its just a bird’’he said running his fingers through my wavy hair.
‘’can we go home now?’’I asked and he nodded and put his hand on my shoulders and we walked back to camp.
When we got to the camp Felix came up to us.
‘’pan can I talk to you, alone’’he said, he looked a little worried.
‘’I will leave’’I said walking away. I sat down on a log. The lost boys where sword fighting The other boys where crowded around watching. The boy got defeated and I noticed that the one who won was Austin.
‘’now who wants to go next?’’Austin asked. i got up and walked over to the middle of the circle. He looked at me surprised and a little scared but I wont let Peter hurt him.
‘’you sure queen Roselina?’’he asked and I nodded.
‘’yes, I want to beat you this time’’I said taking a sword. I positioned myself and he lunged at me. I dodged his hit and I hit his sword with a even force. He blocked it and then he hit at me. I barely dodged it and I pushed him away from me.
‘’you defiantly have gotten better at fighting’’Austin said and I laughed as I hit his sword and I turned dodging it. Holding his sword in place. We stood there looking at eachother.
‘’I might be better than you some day’’
i sent his sword flying to the left.
 The boys howled with laughter and clapping. I put the sword down and he clapped.
‘’good job queen Roselina’’he said giving mea  soft smile.
‘’thank you, Austin’’
I walked away from him  and out of the circle of lost boys. I saw peter leaning against a tree a angry look on his face. I walked up to him and gave him a small smile but he didn’t return it he was just glaring at Austin.
‘’peter?’’I asked and his eyes snapped to my face, his expression softening a little bit.
‘’why where you fighting with him?’’peter asked clear jealousy in his voice as he looked back at Austin.
‘’I wanted to fight and I just went up to him. Peter look at me’’
I put my hand on his cheek making him look at me.
‘’I love you and only you. Forever and always’’
It was a little lie. I love peter but I also love Killian.
‘’that’s not what It seemed like when you ran away with hook’’he spat and I took my hand from my cheek.
‘’you make it seem like im  whore or something’’I said crossing my arms.
‘’who knows what you did with him’’
I glared at him and I ran away from him. His word stung me. But i knew they were true. Dose loving them both make me a whore? I held onto my dress with one hand as I ran through the lighted forest. I don’t know where I was going but I didn’t care. I stopped when I was out of breath and I looked around and nothing  was familiar. How far have I ran? I leaned against a tree and signed. God why did he make me so mad? I heard a noise and I jumped and looked in the direction from which i heard the noise. I went to pull a sword out but didn't have anything on me. Damn it!
‘’peter?’’I asked but no one answered. Then I heard a growl and a huge lion came out of the woods. It wasn’t a normal lion it was like huge like a foot taller than a normal lion is supposed to be. I backed away slowly but it just kept coming towards me. I fell over a root of a tree and I fell flat on my butt. The lion was getting dangerously close. I closed me eyes ready for my death but it never came. I heard a hiss noise and I opened my eyes fast and I saw the lion fell over , a arrow in the side of his head. I looked and saw peter with a crossbow. I signed and relief and he dropped the crossbow and ran over to me and he fell on his knees onto the ground and held me close to him.
‘’im sorry’’he said kissing my head holding me close like I was going to leave him. like I was going to disappear. I hugged him tight as well.
‘’its okay. you were right.''
‘’no its not I didn’t mean it. I was so mad that you where talking with Austin because I swear he is always trying to hit on you and’’
I  kissed his lips making him stop talking. He kissed me back with as much passion as I was putting in. He pushed me slowly so I was laying down on the dirt ground. He straddled me and put a hand on my hip bringing me closer to him causing us both to moan in pleasure. I put my hands on his shoulders as he kissed down my neck and he got to my sweet spot that was still marked from Killian. He stopped kissing me and he put his hand on my neck. His hand glowed and then the mark from Killian was gone. The only thing left of me and Killian.
‘’I never want anyone to kiss you there or anywhere ever again and if someone dose I wont hesitate to rip there shadows off there body's’’
Then he kissed the spot causing me to dig my fingernails in his shoulder in pleasure. He sucked and then he blew on the mark making me squeal and he smirked at me.
‘’there’’He said before kissing my lips again.
3rd pov:
Inside peter pan was pure evil. Always working for the interest of himself but when he looked at this girl his eyes didn’t hold the darkness that they did when he saw everyone else. She  was his light. The way that she looked at him made the evil start chipping away inside of him.
 Roselina's pov:
I breathed heavy as I recovered from making love with Peter. it was always so filled with passion. We were back in our tent now. I pulled the covers over my body and Peter put his hand on my arm stroking it softly in a up and down motion.
‘’I love you’’he said and I peaked his lips.
‘’I love you too’’I said and I rested my head on his chest.

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