The Heroes

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After Athena's vanishing act, all classes were cancelled, ex-deatheaters admitted that Voldemort had indeed returned and the castle went into lockdown.

It wasn't long before Professor McGonagall summoned me to her office, along with:

Annie and Anna Weasley

Katy Thomas

Jennifer Creevey

Francesca Patil

"Now, you are all part of a very special prophecy, Lily was to be your leader, Athena Longbottom should also be here, we had all feared the day when You-Know-Who would return, you are the heroes numbered four, one and two."

"You mean, Voldemort's back?" Jennifer cried.

Several others flinched, but I turned and nodded, "I saw him."

The other heroes gasped.

"You never said anything, Miss Potter." McGonagall said.

"I know, I didn't think anyone would believe me."

"Of course we would, the prophecy says that you have a mind link with V...Vol...uhh...Voldemort." Cried Francesca.

"It did?"

"Yes, it did." Katy shouted over the others comments, she was in third year, short for her age, and my Quidditch captain.

"You are now a team, I have contacted Miss Longbottom's mother, she is going to attempt to rescue Athena. Meanwhile, I suggest you work on tactics, Voldemort will be coming for all of you, especially you, Miss Potter. You're more important than you know.

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