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Appearing in a large dining room, Voldemort was waiting for me. Smiling, he approached me.

"What happened?" He asked.

"She knows, Lily, she told Athena too. I don't know what I'm going to do, I can't live without her...without either of them."

Voldemort frowned, "You know you will have to kill her eventually."

"I know..."


Athena yelled out to me, and I sprinted back to the door, she was standing by the bed in which James was supposed to be...only, he wasn't there.

"We have to see McGonagall." I said.

Athena nodded, she knew what this meant.

McGonagall looked at me intently, "Are you sure, he's gone, he wasn't moved?"

"No, ma'am, he's gone."

"Why would he leave?"

Avoiding eye contact I said,"I don't know ma'am."

Taking my hint, Athena agreed, she had heard my theory, but she was my friend, she wouldn't betray me.

"Well, I suggest you all get a good night's sleep. Athena, Lily, if you would like, I will allow you to stay in the same dorm, this must be a huge shock, especially for you, Lily."

Thanking her, we left, deciding to stay in my dorm, we found a fold-out bed, set up for Athena to sleep next to me.

We sat together for a while, discussing it.

"How'd he get out?" Athena asked.

"I reckon Voldemort helped him, got him out of there." I said.

She flinched. "Lily, we don't know for sure, they could have just been dreams."

"But he was so pale."

"I guess..."

"Never mind, let's sleep, we need it."


I fell straight asleep, felt the Earth being sucked away from me. I was floating through darkness, just floating, when a face appeared to me.

"And he shall return to destroy the blood of whom killed him...A sever betrayal will lead to death...Love will be the traitor's downfall...The heroes will come in a number of four, one, and two...Friends will become enemies and love will turn to hatred."

There was a sudden noise, gasping, I awoke, just in time to see James vanish, with Athena.

I sat up, she was gone, what was I going to do? My best friend had just vanished.

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