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i finished my breakfast and david helped me with the dishes. one week passed since david and i shared our feelings, and i was spending all my free time at his house. charlie and timothée were so busy with each other that they didn't notice that i practically disappeared. but i didn't care, i was happy with david, happy to sleep on his couch watching movie and cuddling.

"i have a surprise for you" david said sitting by my side. i was laying in the couch so i put my legs on his lap.

"oh no, i'm good, thanks" i joked. "i don't want a snake as a birthday gift" he laughed. my birthday is in two weeks and david said he wants to surprise me.

"no, it's not your birthday surprise" he said rubbing my leg. "it's a good surprise" he smiled.

"i don't trust you dobrik" i scoffed pulling my legs away from him.

"you don't?" he smirked leaning towards me.

"get the fuck away from me!" i joked as he laid down on top of me. "david! you're fucking crushing me!" i squealed.

"i'm not moving from here until you say that you trust me!" i laughed trying to pull him off.

"i'm not going to say that because it's a lie!" i rested my hands in his shoulders.

"that's it, i'm staying on top of you" he couldn't contain his smile.

"i hate you so much david!" i whined.

"no you don't" he said in an offended tone.

"yes i do!" i couldn't take my eyes of his. we were joking with our eyes glued. david was so close to me, i could feel his breath in my face, and our noses were touching.

"i know you don't babe" i melted with the nickname.

and right as his lips brushed against mine, the front door opened and i heard footsteps coming to the living room. "oh my god! what the fuck is this?" ilya exclaimed when i pushed david away from me, making him fall on the ground.

"ilya! what are you doing here?" i quickly sat up in shock.

"surprise!" david mumbled. "ouch" he laughed.

"you called me here to watch you two have sex?" he joked, trying to be serious. natalie walked past him, laughing.

"we were just talking" i whined hiding my face. i was blushing so hard.

"yeah right" he scoffed. "since when?"

"since when what?" david asked.

"since when you two have been fucking around?" i looked over at him and gasped.

"ilya fedorovich!" i exclaimed. "we're not fucking around!"

"a week!" natalie screamed from the kitchen.

"natalie!" i squealed.

"you're fired!" david joked and she laughed. "but yeah, we're not fucking" david said getting up and hitting him on the head. "yet" he added and i widened my eyes.

"that's not true ilya!" i pointed at david, who was laughing his ass off with ilya. "i hate you two" i rolled my eyes.

"they haven't kissed yet" natalie sat down on the other side of the couch. "so c'mon, you two are not going to have sex so soon"

"thank you natalie" i smiled at her.

"so you want to have sex with david?" ilya asked making me blush.

"i didn't say that"

"you agreed with natalie, so you want" he smirked.

"leave me alone ilya!" i threw my arms up.

"we all know she wants to" david said.

"cocky much?" i raised my eyebrows.

"always" he smiled walking towards his room.

"we're going to have a serious conversation later, young girl" ilya pointed at me.

"okay dad" i rolled my eyes.

after all that, all four of us went to grab lunch. we were waiting for our order at olive garden. "so you brought ilya as a surprise?" i asked david.

"kinda" he shrugged.

"i was coming for your birthday anyways" ilya smiled. "i only came earlier"

"party pooper" david rolled his eyes.

"show some respect" ilya hit david's arm.

"okay, you're sleeping in the backyard" david joked.

"you can crash at my place, it's not like charlie is coming anyways" this time, i rolled my eyes.

"i'm familiar with the whole situation but what happened now?" ilya frowned his brow, eating his lunch.

"she doesn't care that i'm not speaking with her and timmy because they're so busy kissing" i chewed my salad. "she's a real bitch, god i'm so angry at her"

"you three should really talk to each other" natalie said. "i'm not defending them, but you need to listen to their side, you know? you three know each other for years, don't let that ruin the friendship"

i nodded. "you're right, but i'm not ready yet, not because i'm petty, it's just... it's not the time"

"it's okay, you need to take your time and clear your mind before talking about all of this" she smiled. "and if you ever need a girl friend, you can always talk to me" i nodded. "because david here, it's not that good with this kinda stuff" she joked and we laughed.

"i know, trust me" i responded and david shot me a glare. but he quickly gave me a big goofy smile, making me blush. god he's so precious.


opheliar: golden hour, i love you

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opheliar: golden hour, i love you.

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username: stop being so cute

username: can't you guys see that she's using david for fame? like bitch we know you lol
username: yesss, i've noticed that

daviddobrik: photo creds?
opheliar: never

ilyafeddy: my bf is cute
opheliar: thanks dad

username: quick reminder: david has a girlfriend, girl bye!!

username: she's not even that pretty

zane: i miss you baby
opheliar: miss you too, luv. text me back asap

mattrking: country booyy i love youuu
opheliar: omg ICONIC

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