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Not a single word came from Taehyung's mouth, he was speechless. The question was simple yet it's so hard for him to answer it. Through the times, he just biting his lips and twirling his fingers.

"I'm not leaving anyone and sorry I need to go." he turned around and before he could take another step forward, he felt her grip on his wrist.

"Let me just follow you..to Daegu."

For a moment he stopped and shut his eyes down. The further he moves, the harder she pleaded him to stop, "No, you can't-"

"Why? I know you're having hard times now, you can tell me that you feel better when you're alone but your heart doesn't tell me the same. Sincerely, I want to cure you pain- I promise you, I won't do any stupid things."

Taehyung sighed heavily, either how much he tried to convince her, she insisted to follow him.

"Such a stubborn. If anything happens to you, I won't be responsible for it." Irene nodded innocently and tried to hold his excitement inside.

"So, I can follow you now?" she asked genuinely.

"Stop asking before I change my mind."

Taehyung took steps by steps forward again, leaving the girl behind. She felt annoyed by his cold attitude but wouldn't mind as long as she can be with him. She speeds up his move until she reached beside him and her right shoulder touched his left shoulder.


Taehyung decided to let Irene sat beside the window since the sunshine breeze through it, he don't want to let his skin burn on the damn bus. Being gentleman wasn't his main priority.

"Is it long from here to Daegu?" he didn't answer as he closed his eyes but open it up as Irene poke his right arm.


"Don't ignore me!" he shrugged, leaving the girl annoyed.

Both of them remained silent for moment, none each of them bear to talk. Not feeling awkward, they just had nothing to talk about though.

The bus driver turned on the radio where it's exactly playing All of My Life by Park Won. It's a really beautiful song that Irene kept humming to it. Can't deny the truth, Taehyung kept nodding his head as he followed the rhythm of the song.

"I used to not like ballad songs but this song reminds me of my mother. She has everything that everyone not. I wish I can meet her again." she started tearing but managed to hold it before Taehyung could see it.

"Where did she go?"

She turned to Taehyung who seemed impatient and lift a weak smile, "She's in the heaven."

They looked away from each other, "Sorry..I didn't mean to." he muttered.

6:45 p.m., they finally arrived in Daegu. The bus terminal was crowded so Taehyung needs to shout a little bit every time he talked to Irene. They took a taxi to the hospital where his grandmother was placed. Before they could even arrived there, he already bought some fresh fruits to her grandmother.

As he headed to the main entrance, followed by Irene behind, he put on the mask to prevent himself from the smell of medicines. Irene on the other side traced his track as quick as possible as he fastened his move.

Room 3012, they stopped in front of door room. He twisted the doorknob and greeted by his grandmother. He put his things on the couch, hugging his grandmother immediately.

"It's only half a day and you're already bringing me a beautiful granddaughter-in-law?"

He rubbed his back of neck and chuckled innocently, "H-halmeoni..she's not. We're just friends."

"Hello, halmeoni. I'm Irene." she bowed to the old woman.

The old woman lift a crinkled smile, "Taehyung-ah, is this the girl you've been told me before?"

Irene widened her eyes and turned her gaze to Taehyung, "He talked about me?" she thought.

"If it's really her, I'm so happy then. She's beautiful, even more beautiful than me." Irene just grinned towards the older's words.

Taehyung chewed his bottom lips to hide the embarrassment, "Halmeoni! Stop talking nonsense..."

Not even for half an hour, they're interrupted by a security guard, signing them to leave as the patients can only be visited until before 8:00 p.m. Both of them stood up and before they leave the room, Taehyung pecked his grandmother's forehead.

"I will leave now. Take care, Halmeoni."

They exchanged their goodbyes, waving to each other before Taehyung and Irene step out from the room.

"So, where do we stay for tonight? A hotel?" she lifted her eyebrows.

Taehyung shook his head, "Nope, we're staying in my grandmother's house."


The house was so dark that both of them couldn't see anything.

"Is there no electricity here?"

He shrugged, "I guess yeah."

Irene took out her phone and turned on the flashlight. Even though the house was being abandoned for years but it still looks neat as if it's new.

He put his things besides the sofa, "I will sleep on the sofa and you may use my grandmother's room."

Irene hesitated, on the other words, she doesn't agree with the man's idea, "B-but it's dark there, I'm scared."

"You have the flashlight, right?" the other man unzipped his hoodie.

"Y-yeah but still, I'm afraid." she played with her fingers, "I-I think I will sleep with you then- but on the other sofa."

Taehyung leaned his back on the sofa and sighed, "Fine, but with one condition. Do not ever snoring. Got it?" he emphasized.

She nodded innocently, signing that she understood his order.

"Good girl." he muttered under his breath.

The night was filled fully with cold breeze, the sounds of downpour and the figure of a sleeping beauty, Irene. Can't resist the beauty of her, Taehyung on the other side kept staring at her as there's no tomorrow. She look prettier when she's asleep. Taehyung smiled lightly and slowly began to drown on his own sweet dream.

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