Chapter Ten

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Kita awoke to Arcee and Ratchet arguing in an unintelligible language. She sat up, stretched, ruffled her hair, and got up to see what the matter was. She stopped next to Arcee and put her hand on her back. The two Transformers stopped and looked at Kita.

"What's the matter?" said Kita as she stepped in closer to Arcee to get a hug.

"How do you know something is the matter?" said Ratchet.

"Arguing sounds like arguing in any language. Plus, both your eyes are glowing brightly. That's how you show emotion."

"She is more perceptive than I thought," muttered Ratchet. "The issue is our dear leader was filmed transforming, and it is all over the internet."

Kita pulled out her phone and hit the YouTube app. A video entitled "Transforming Motorcycle Saves Driver" was third on the trending list. Kita opened it. It was a dashcam video showing her and Ryan on the highway to Big Surf. A white SUV pulled alongside Ryan and hit him. As Ryan lost control, Arcee transformed throwing Kita into the air, grabbing Ryan, there was a bump as the dashcam vehicle ran over Ryan's bike, then Arcee fired at the dashcam vehicle, and the picture was lost in the smoke. The video had over five hundred million views. There was a heated debate in the comments if it was a fake or not.

"That's us," said Kita.

"We are exposed," said Ratchet. "We must abort."

"We are not aborting," said Arcee. "Just remove the video."

"Sorry," said Kita. "It doesn't work like that. Once something is on the internet, it's there forever. I bet that video has been posted around the world."

"She is correct," said Ratchet. "The video is all over the world, but the details have changed. Some say it happened in Australia or Canada. There is ample debate if it is real or not."

"With today's video editing software, it's easy to create something like this. I'm sure people are pulling it apart frame by frame looking for any editing errors."

"Can we put some in?" said Arcee.

"Too late," said Kita. "Not only has the video gone around the world, the file will have been downloaded, too. We could never get them all."

"You have cost us our mission," snarled Ratchet as he pointed a finger at Arcee.

"She has not," said Kita. "One video does not mean proof. This will just be an oddity for most people before it becomes fodder for the conspiracy theory nutjobs. It's not time to panic. We have to be a little more careful. The police are probably looking for me, but everybody will be looking for a beat-up old Indian, not a Ninja. I've changed my clothes, look, and have a helmet. No one should recognize me. They don't even know my name. They do know Ryan's. They'll have run his tags to identify his bike. I'm sure they'll pull his driver's license photo and will be looking for him. He's the only concrete connection to us."

"We'll have to protect him," said Arcee.

"I'm sure he'll be ok going out. He'll just have to stay away from the cops."

"What about me?" said Ryan arriving late. He looked at Kita's arm around Arcee and raised an eyebrow.

"I told you we talked," said Kita. "I was saying you're the only connection people have to us. Did you ever call your insurance company?"

"Yeah. I need a police report."

"You might want to wait on that."


Kita showed him the video.

"It's weird that an SUV that was shooting at us has a dashcam."

"Probably lowers their insurance rate. You can't see anyone in this SUV firing, just the other SUV. But, ah, you might want to send this video to your insurance to prove fault."

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