Chapter-15 (e)

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Chapter-15: Familiars and Step-1

Selene's P.o.v:

Before one week starting of school, we went shopping for my school supplies and we went to knockturn alley to get me a familiar as Grandpa and Grandma insisted. When we entered magical menagerie there was a man behind his desk and by his features, he seems similar.

"Alphard how are you?" Uncle Luc asked.

"I'm fine Lucius and you here do you want something?" He asked.

"No not for me but for my niece Selene, she needs a familiar. Every one meets lord Goyle." He introduced.

"Nice meet you, Lord Goyle," Papa said.

"Pleasure is mine Lord Black. Heiress Black let your magic flow through you and see where your magic feels connected to." He said and I nodded.

I let my magic flow and I felt connected to three different creatures. When I followed through the bond. My magic was flowing towards the first creature was a magical snake with emerald colour scales with black shades here and there.

$ hello little one.$ I said.

$hello speaker, I'm your familiar.$ it replied.

$ I know I can feel it. Can I know what you're and what are you male or female?  and do you have any name?$ I asked and she laughed in snake manner which was somewhat creepy.

$I'm female basilisk and no I do not have a name mistress, it is your right to name me.$ she replied.

$wow you're king of snakes and I will name you Slyvia also what about your eyes it has power to kill.$ I hissed back.

$mistress I have the third set of eyelids, I will keep them close always till someone harms you.$ she hissed and I grinned and extended my arm for her to slither around me.

$Mistress to complete familiar bond I need to bite you by releasing a small amount of my venom into you and at the same taking your blood in the same amount, then we both can feel each other's presence in us.$ Slyvia said and I felt nervous and at the same time excited.

$Will it pain?$

$No Mistress it only stings for few  seconds.$ without another word I extend my arm for her to bite at first I felt pain for a few seconds but later I felt pure bliss then I started to feel her presence in the back of my mind.

"Princess what are you doing? It's a poisonous snake and you just got bitten by it." Papa shouted panicking.

"Papa relax and look I got one of my familiar and we completed our bond and for that getting bitten from her is needed. I named her Slyvia also she is a basilisk and doesn't worry about her eyes, she closed them using her third set of lids." I said and turned towards them and burst out laughing looking at their expressions.

"It's good thing pup and now find another one of your familiar too," Papa said warily recovering himself first while others took time.

Meanwhile, two forces collided with my legs and when I looked down I fell in love with those creatures they were shadow wolf cubs in black colour with dark red and brown eyes, and I can recall reading about them in magical creatures book.

"Hello mistress my name is Eliza and his name is Elliot." She replied.

"Hello Eliza and Elliot I'm happy to meet you she is my other familiar Slyvia and I have one owl at home and her name is Hedwig," I said crouching down in front of them.

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