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Seulgi: Hey you back??

Seulgi: ....


I: oh my gosh.. im soo sorry i was out with someone, i didnt know i lost track of time.

I: by the way im Bae Joo-hyun, but you can call me irene.

I: Again, sorry for not texting you back.


Seulgi: its fine, nice meeting you irene.

Seulgi: Im Kang Seulgi btw.

Irene: oh nice meeting you too kang!

Seulgi: How was your date?

Irene: Oh it was awesome!

Irene: Shes such a gentlewoman, im lucky to find her.

Seulgi: She?

Irene: yeah you got a problem with that?

Seulgi: no not at all! In fact, i like girls too

Irene: Oh do you like someone right now? 😏

Seulgi: not yet.. i guess

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