Chapter 4

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I walked out of peter and I's tent. I had woken up to Peter yelling for the boys. I saw Peter standing on a rock, the boys huddled in a group looking up at him. Peters face was full of anger.
‘’if any of you hurt Roselina I will do worse than what I did to Adam. I will make it long and painful so don’t ever think of touching her. What I did to Adam was a warning and I wont hesitate to kill any of you’’Peter said looking at the group. His words where strong and powerful. I got shivers just thinking about the things he could do and that really scared me. He scared me.*

I looked at the ceiling of the tent. I was exhausted but I couldn’t sleep. My mind was in a jumble thinking of Peter and Killian. I heard shouting and I got up and I walked out of the tent to see the boys looking at something. There backs were faced to me so I couldn’t see exactly what they where looking at. Most of them had blood on them or some type of fresh cut or mark. They had been fighting. Clearly not with eachother, but with someone else.
‘’where is she, pan’’I heard a voice. Killian. I pushed my way through the boy sand saw Killian who was glaring at peter. Killian's crew and the lost boys were the ones fighting. Some of the lost boys and crew were injured.
‘’Killian’’I said with a smile and he smiled at me. I tried getting to him but Peter took the collar of my shirt and pushed me back. Felix took a hold of my arm, gripping it so i wouldn't try to run.
‘’let her go pan. She clearly doesn't love you anymore’’Killian said and Peter laughed.
‘’that not what it seemed like last night when she was making out with me against a tree’’Peter said and I gasped. I could tell he was smirking even with his back turned to me. Killian looked at me with curiously and then looked at Peter ready to kill him.
‘’just give her to me , pan’’Killian said pointing his sward at me and then back to peter.
‘’how about we make a game out of it’’peter said and he turned to me and took my arm from Felix and bringing me to stand next to him.
‘’im going to hide her and you have to find her and if you do find her, than you can take her’’
i felt myself being magically poofed away out of the camp. I looked around and saw I was in a cage in echo cave. Are you serious! I sat down and had my back to the cage. There was no way to get out enless someone tells me there darkest secret.If someone can find me. To a passer this cave just looks like a cave, nothing special. But when you walk inside you can feel the errieness of the cave, the magic of it. Secrets must be told in this cave, thinking of all the secrets that have been told here makes this place the most scariest place on the island in my opinion. Yes the dark hallow with all the shadows that can kill you in a matter of seconds is defiantly scary but this place, this place can bring down people emotionally. You have to revel your most darkest secrets, it can tear down relationships because of a few words. That's what makes it scary.  I ran my finger threw my hair. this was going to take a while so I guess I will catch up on my sleep. I rested my head on the Bars of the cage and i closed my eyes, sleep surrounding me.
I woke up but someone saying my name. I opened my eyes slowly and saw Killian in front of the cage. I jumped and i went to the front of the cage.. I held onto the bars and smiled at him.
‘’how do I get you out of here?’’he asked looking for a lock.But there was none.
‘’you have to tell me your deepest secret’’I said in a low voice. His eyes shot to me and he looked conflicted.
''isnt that what i just did back there?''he asked looking at the rock path that was made when he told secrets.
‘’its alright if you don’t want to tell me-‘’
‘’im still in love with Milah’’he said fast and the bars disapered and I fell but he caught me before I face planted. He lifted me from the cage and he hugged me tight.
‘’thank you, for finding me’’I said
‘’always love’’he said in his accent that I missed.
‘’so let me guess, Milah is the woman in the drawing’’I said looking in his neverland ocean eyes. He signed and nodded.
‘’I don’t talk about her that much. But I will tell you all about her on the ship’’
He said getting up and taking my hand helping me up. I dusted myself off and we ran out of echo caves and we where outside. My eyes strained to see because I hadn’t seen light in a couple of hours. My eyes adjusted and we walked to the beach which took a little while but we made it in a couple of hours. I saw a row boat waiting and we took it back to the ship that was off shore. Smee helped me on the ship and  then helped Killian. Everyone told me they were glad to have me back and I smile at them, thanking them and Killian placed a hand on my lower back leading me to his room. I stepped inside the familiar room and my heart leaped. I was safe from Peter but I couldn’t help but be conflicted about that. Killian took my hand and lead me to the bed and we both sat down on the edge.
‘’tell me about her’’I said crossing my legs and facing him.
‘’I met her when I docked in her village. She was smart, beautiful and lonely. She hated her life and I wanted to show her what it could be outside of her small village.  Her husband was a coward and she didn’t love him. She had a son that she loved but she gave him up to go with me. We had planned to come back for him and  we spent 2 years together before we docked again in her village to get him. Her husband was the dark one and he killed her infront of me and then he cut my hand off’’I looked at his sliver hook’’I came here so I could plot to kill him and ruin his life like he ruined mine’’
I took the information in. What do I say to that? Its a tragic back story, one that was filled with hate.
‘’so you still love her?’’I asked
‘’yes but when I saw you on the dock I started having feelings for you and its complicated and confusing’’
I nodded, completely understanding.
‘’do you still love pan?’’he asked and I looked in his eyes.
‘’yes. but I have feelings for you as well. Its messing with my head’’I said
He nodded and put his hand on my cheek cupping it’’
I leaned in and kissed him. The same chill pleasure feeling going through my veins. i pushed him back  on the bed getting on top of him and pressing my lips harder to his as he did the same to me. He flipped us over and he kissed down my neck and he found that one spot that drove me crazy. The spot  only Peter knew. I wrapped my legs around his waist. Then I felt pain, im my head. . I screamed in pain and Killian looked at me in confusion and concern.
‘’did I hurt you? rose?’’he asked. I shook my head softly and i put my hands onmy head. He got off of me and I sat up gripping my head., it felt like nettles where poking my brain. It was peter. he was doing this! He just loves to get inside my head.
‘’whats hurting you?’’he asked.
‘’peter…hes in my head’’I manged to say.
Killian looked angryand he held me close as tears ran down my face.
‘’he will just hurt you rose’’I heard peter say in my head,
‘’get out!’’I sent back.
‘’not in tell you come back, love’’he said and then the pain stopped. I signed in relief.
‘’rose are you alright?’’he asked taking my hair and putting it behind my ear.
‘’yeah just a slight head ache’’I said. He wiped a tear and I gave him a soft smile.
‘’captain’’I heard someone say and knock on the door following.
‘’come in’’Killian said and turned to look at the crew member.
‘’we have a mermaid problem sir’’he said
‘’okay I will be there in a second’’Killian said. He got up and gave me a quick kiss before leaving the room. I layed back down on the bed. Peter was going to keep messing with me unless I go back to him. Peter Pan never fails, and he wouldn't ever let me go. I had to go back even if I didn’t want to. I know Peter better than anyone else.He will kill anyone he has to just so he can get to me. He will kill the crew and Killian. i have to go to him. I have to keep Killian safe. I have to keep everyone safe.
‘’hello love’’I heard behind me. I jumped and stood up tuning to see a smirking Peter.
‘’peter what do you want?’’I asked crossing my arms. He walked closer to me and smirked.
‘’you’’he said raising his eyebrow.
‘’seriously peter’’I said and he laughed. His laugh faded as looked at my neck. I gave him a confused look and he walked closer to me and took my shirt and put it below my shoulder. I looked down and saw I had a love mark from peters spot. I looked at peter and he looked pissed off. Like steam should be coming out of his nose that mad.
‘’im going to kill him’’he said walking to the door but I stopped him by taking his arm and forcing him to look at me. I looked into his eyes and they were shades darker than the green im used to.
‘’please peter no. I will do anything please’’I begged.
‘’come with me. make him leave neverland and come back home where you belong’’he said.
‘’you promise you wont kill him?’’I asked
‘’yes’’he said through his teeth. He was holding back because I know that if I wasn’t this close to him he would be charging out of this room and nothing would stop him from killing everyone on this ship, Killian included.
‘’fine. Meet me at our spot tomorrow night. I will get him to leave’’I said
Peter smirked and kissed my forehead.
‘’see you then love’’
Then he was gone. what have I just done? How am I going to get Killian to leave neverland, leave me behind. I had to break his heart. I don’t want to but it’s the only way. I heard footstep and Killian came in the room.
‘’sorry love, the mermaids wanted to talk about trade’’he said smiling at me
‘’its alright Killian’’I said giving him a slight smile.
‘’do you want to change?’’he asked looking at my outfit.
‘’oh um yeah let me get a nightgown’’
I walked to the chest and than I stopped.
‘’where these Milahs clothes?’’I asked looking up at him. he nodded
‘’some are hers and some i got else where’’
I nodded and  grabbed a white night gown. I walked over to the bathroom and closed the door. I unlaced my corset and and then I changed out of my leggings and tunic and put on the silk nightgown. I braided my long hair, tying it with a ribbon, I walked back in Killian room and he was in bed shirt off. I smiled and jumped on the bed. I got under the cover and he pulled me close. I shut my eyes but I wasn’t tired. My head was jumbled from thoughts of tomorrow and what I will say to Killian. My heart felt like it was going to break in two.

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