The Incident

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''Don't please!''Roselina shouted at Adam. He was going to throw her into the dark hollow. Where the shadows are. They will rip her shadow off and kill her in an instant.

She looked at Adam with tears in her eyes. She was scared to death.

''I have to get revenge on Pan, and hurting his precious girlfriend will do''Adam spat at her.

He wanted to get revenge on Peter because he took Adam from his family and brought him to Neverland. Adam was about to throw her into the dark and scary hollow, but he was pushed to a tree. She fell onto the ground hard. She looked at peter and Adam threw her tear filled eyes.

''Are you dumb or just plain stupid''Peter hissed at Adam.

The lost boys coming through the jungle with there swords and other weapons.

''Oh, I'm not stupid at all, I'm smart actually. Hurting your precious girlfriend was the way to get you to suffer. I want you to suffer like I have, Pan''he spat at Peter, but it made peter more angry and he slammed Adam into a tree tying him up.

''Felix take him back to camp. Tie him to a post''

Peter ran over to Rose and brought her into his arms. looking at her with concern.

''I'm so sorry Rose, love''he said and she put her head on his holders. She was shaking slightly.

''I'm gonna get you home ,alright''

She nodded and Peter flashed them back to the camp and the lost boys that had stayed behind looked at them with concern and curiosity.. Peter took her to there tent and laid her down on the bed and she fell asleep.

Once she woke up she heard screams and a loud cracking noise of a whip. She got up slowly and looked down to see that her pink dress was replaced with a white one. She walked out of the tent slowly and saw Peter was whipping Adam, who was kneeling on a post in the middle of the camp. All the lost boys where forced to watch as Peter beat him to death. She gasped. Adam didn't deserve this, she thought. Yes, he was going to throw her into the dark hallow, but whipping was worse than that and because she would die fast in the dark hollow but this was torture. She looked to her right and saw one of the littler lost boys. He was about 5, 6 at most. He was a new recruit so he wasn't a full lost boy yet. He looked scared and horrified at the scene placed in front of him. Rage took over the princess as she saw the look on this poor little boys face. She tore my eyes from him and looked at Peter.

''Peter stop!''she yelled and ran over to him and she put her hand on his bicep. Looking at the boy that she loved with sadness.

''Rose he hurt you. He has to be punished''he said looking in her brown eyes.

But she couldn't look in his eyes because her eyes instantly drew to his hands, there was blood on them form the whip. The scene was horrific. She looked at Adam's back had skin hanging off of it, blood pouring off of it and onto the dirt. She looked back at Peter who had a little blood on his cheek. She had never seen Peter like this. Yes, she have seen his dark side but never something like this, something this horrendous.

''I know he doesn't deserve to be forgiven, but this is wrong''

''Well your morals are different from mine, Rose. He was planning on killing you and that shouldn't be taken lightly''he hissed and she looked into his usually loving green eyes but all I saw was anger and evil. He never looked at her like this before.

''Please peter just stop'' she begged him but he wouldn't listen to her

He looked at her with sadness but shook his head''He deserves this. Felix''

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