Dark Horse

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*I dont own Peter Pan or anyone or any story lines, and  dilouge from once upon a time. The only thing i own is Roselina, my own storylines and some of the lost boys that i made for this story. Everything else is credited to the writers and producers for OUAT. Anyways i hope you like it!*


I ran though the Neverland forest as fast as I could. I had to get away. I knew I loved him but I just couldn't stay with him. With Pan. I looked behind me and saw no one was following me. I snuck out of our tent at night so that he wouldn't come after me., I knew he would be fast asleep. I had a couple of hours before he noticed my escape. I looked back ahead of me and I then fell on the damp forest floor. My white dress and white clock were most likely dirty. I got up fast, ignoring the pain of my fall, and kept running. I got to the beach and looked at the docks. There wasn't many ships coming to Neverland, only for trade with Peter. I could get on a ship and run away from here and never look back. I looked behind me and I then made my way to the docks. There was three ship on the long dock. Two where small but still big in my opinion, I hadn't seen many ships in my life time, and then there was a grand one at the end of the dock. I pulled my hood up to avoid being seen. If someone saw me they would know who I was and take me back to Pan for a good trade. Everyone knew who I was here: I was queen on Neverland. Well that's what Peter named me. I'm not from Neverland I'm actually from the Enchanted Forest. I was stolen by Pan's shadow out of my castle and I have been here ever since. There was a couple people on the dock but not many. I looked down at my boots and pulled my hood over my head a little more. I then collided with a hard surface. I jumped and looked up and met beautiful blue eyes. I looked at the man, a pirate and I could tell he was a Captain by his appearance. He was in all black leather, his hair was darker and was short.

''I'm sorry, lass''his thick accent coming to my ears. I noticed my hood was coming off and I pulled it back.

''It's quite alright'' I said fast to avoid conversation.

I tried getting passed this beautiful man but he took my arm and made me face him again.

''Are you okay? You seem lost''

''Quite the opposite, but thank you for your concern''

My hood fell down from my head and he looked at me, like he was examining me. His blue eyes looking me over before his face showed realization of who I was.

''I know you!''he said and I put my hand on his mouth. His eyes widened and I glared at him.

''Don't even say who you think I am. I cant have anyone know who I am''I said in a whisper. I felt him lick my hand and I jumped and pulled my hand away from his mouth and wiped it on his sleeve.

''That was gross!''I said glaring at him.

''Your hand was the one on my mouth, love. I was trying to get your gross hand off me'' he said smirking at me.

''But wouldn't licking it make it worse?''I asked crossing my arms.

''Well it worked didn't it''

I laughed and then realized what I was doing. I was wasting time. Pan's shadow could be looking for me right now. It was close to sunrise and Peter would be getting up soon if he already hasn't.

''I'm sorry but I must go''

I started walking away but he pulled me back again. I gave him a glare, which didn't phase him at all.

''I'm in a hurry so if you could please let me leave I would be grateful''

''Sorry I cant because I know you''

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