Chapter 3

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*first draft*

After getting the approval from Zaisha, Taha started talking to her daily, sometimes on call otherwise through SMS. They both used to enjoy talking to each other a lot. It's always fun to know a person of your own age. They used to play many games to know each other better, to know each other's likes, dislikes and stuff like that. They get to know it all in quite a short time. Zaisha was getting attached to talking to Taha so much that once he went to his father's hometown for two days for a family gathering, because of which he couldn't talk to Zaisha and that made her sad. She was slowly realizing that he has become a very dear friend of her's. It was all very new for her, she never had a male friend, but as she was always telling her mother about Taha's call and she never restricted her from talking to him or gave any sort of regulations so she knew that it's nothing wrong in having Taha as a friend. Although she had a minor fear in her heart that one day their friendship will end just like it ended with his other cousins. Zaisha being a very sensitive person hate goodbyes and the ends. She can't handle them. She wants all the people whom she loves to be near her always.

Taha and Zaisha used to send each other fun questions and dares. One particular Saturday they started chatting around 10 PM and because it was a holiday next day, they were happy that they can chat till late night today. Otherwise, they had to shut their chatting session in an hour. It was always Taha who used to start the chat, Zaisha never sent the first text, not because she never wanted to talk to him but because she had this misconception that if she will let people know their importance in her life then they will lose their interest in her and will leave as some people in the past have done. Her inferiority complex that she isn't good enough used to make her believe in the misconception even stronger. She had experiences with friends in the past where her 2 closest friends left her for new best friends, sure she was still friends with them but the same closeness wasn't there anymore. It might sound childish but for a person like Zaisha, it was one of the most serious matters of life. She was sensitive at heart but she never let anyone see it, only her mother knew how fragile her heart was and how deeply she let the words and actions of others sink into her. Her friends had never seen Zaisha shed a tear in front of them; it was popular for Zaisha that she can found something to laugh on in even a funeral. So she never wanted Taha to know that she values his friendship a lot and never want to lose him and according to her messaging him first would show him that she wants to talk to her and then he might talk to her less, weird theory, but that's exactly how Zaisha was. Also, she knew there are chances that they will stop talking after he will go back to KSA so she doesn't want to get habitual of talking to him so much. Zaisha was scared of getting hurt in any manner and taking precautions was a necessity for her.

That day, as usual, Taha texted her...

T: Hey! 'Sup?

Z: hey! Just completed the homework. WBU? (What about you?)

T: had dinner. Guess what did I had.

Z: um... Something you love?

T: No, something YOU love. :)

Z: you had butter chicken?

T: yesss :D it was yummmmmmyyy... :p

Z: please don't do that :( Amma made chicken stew today, I don't like eating it so had bread & jam for dinner :/

T: oh! That's bad, sorry. But you could have made something else for yourself. Even an omelette would have been better than bread and jam.

Z: I could have but I don't know how to cook.

T: Ohh!! Well I know how to cook 😎 I'll teach you someday :)

Z: oh! you know? I'll learn it soon too.

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