Chapter 9| The Nurse's Room

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Annabelle's P.O.V

I opened my eyes slowly.

My eyes were drifting everywhere as everything seemed funny. Strange, I didn't feel as much sick from the fever anymore.

I sat up in the bed, my eyes still scanning the nurse's room. Everything was silent, too silent, to where the two knocks on the door made me almost jump out of my skin in alarm.

The door creaked, and a soft hand made it's way in, my eyes moved from the edgy outfit moving up to lock with hazel eyes.


My lips parted, my breath hitched into my throat, as I felt so many emotions rush into my body at once, confusion, longing, and sadness.

"How are you still alive?" My eyes moved up to her as she stood silently by the door, her lips a thin line as she looked at me straight in the eye. I clenched the sheets harder in my grip, something seemed off, she was... She was still just as I last saw her four years ago.


Her eyes suddenly darkened, and the atmosphere felt heavier, in less than a blink of an eye she was standing infront of me on the bed. And my eyes widened as they took in around me; I wasn't in the nurse's room anymore, the once white walls became a shade of gray, and worn out posters of metal rock bands danced around the room's corners to fill my vision with the all so familiar room I knew too well.

That I hated.

"Annabelle." Her lips formed a smile, but it wasn't innocent. It was sinister and dark, her piercings dipped her cheeks making it as though she had dimples, her smile dropped as soon as it came, and she opened her hazel eyes.

"You did this to me." The tears rolled down her face, and her sobs came out uncontrollably, but that sad expression became darker and heavier until it turned into rage, and her hand gripped a rope, clenching it hard.


The rope snaked around my neck, her hands clenching tighter and tighter until I could not breathe, I scratched and screamed but none worked as I struggled to grasp air and feed it to my lungs.




My eyes opened suddenly, my breaths heavy as I sat up quickly, regretting it as the familiar pain in my temples attacked my head, and I let out a silent groan.

"Thank God you're awake, I was starting to get worried." My tired eyes lifted to lock into green ones, the school nurse's forest-like eyes looked me down with worry, her hand clutching the tip of her braided blond hair. I blinked a few times to realise that I was back in the nurses room, I let out a sigh of relief as I realised what I'd just seen was a nightmare.

"Why didn't you not stay at home?" My eyes perked as they looked into blue ones, Mom? I was surprised, I didn't notice her earlier, and I'm sure the shock was evident on my features.

"Noah came to check up on you, but when you didn't wake up he called me, and the nurse was also concerned when she came back to the office." Mom justified pressing her hand on my forehead and the other on hers, "Lord, you're burning up!" She shook her head, brushing my black hair that stuck to my face__due to my sweating__back and tieing my hair back into a low pony tail.

She stood back up, her face falling into a weird expression, "Never thought I would be back to this room again." She scrunched her nose, a look of awkwardness on her face, "Let's just go home, Noah already left before us." She helped me up, thanked the nurse, and we made our way out of hell hole.

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