Chapter 30; Thank You, Doctor

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5:00 A.M.

I sat beside the hospital bed awaiting the doctor. Jared was out of it. Luckily, he still had a pulse. That wouldn't be for long if they don't hurry up. I let out a heavy sigh and rushed out of the room to find him myself. "Hello? Does anyone not know that my boyfriend was shot?" I shouted. The doctor rushed over to talk to me and also get me to quiet down. "Ma'am we've already stopped the bleeding and wrapped his wound. We are prepping for surgery." He said. "Oh yeah? How long is that supposed to take?" I questioned. "We're ready to get him in Doctor." A nurse called out. "Excuse me, we have to go get your boyfriend into surgery now. If you could have a seat in the waiting room, we will be out as soon as possible." The doctor said while flashing a friendly smile. I just walked away and went on to go find Michael and Olivia.

I walked in to see Olivia resting her head on Michael's shoulder and Michael resting his head on hers. They were both asleep. I sat down across from them and admired them. They were holding hands. It was adorable. I took my phone out and realized I had 2 missed calls and 3 unopened messages. Must be my mom. I opened the call log first to check if it was her. However, I was wrong. There was no number listed, it just said unavailable. I didn't think much of it and went on to open my texts. Of course, it was Chyna. Why? I let out another heavy sigh before opening her messages.
You're such a bitch. Defending that girl. How dare you?

Hello? Triniti? I know you gettin' my messages.

Lol okay, you're the fakest bitch I ever knew anyways. I can't believe you beat ebony up that bad. Don't come back or you'll have to deal with me. Got it?

Was I supposed to be scared? I had to reply.

Okay, first of all, I don't know where you been but your little friend got me arrested and my boyfriend, shot. So don't act like I am ignoring you for no reason. Secondly, I don't care if I am a bitch. I defended Olivia because she is more of a real friend than you and them ratchet ass girls have ever been. I never hung with y'all like that, don't act surprised like I switched up. I kept it real. Besides, I was closer to Ebony than the rest of you 3 little lost puppies anyway. Seriously, you 3 would have no life without her. It's sad. Lastly, you do not scare me lil' girl. I beat tf out ya friend and I am sorry I didn't do more than the damage I did. How about y'all don't come around? Because I clearly ain't playin' now get off my phone.. don't ya girl got some open wounds you should be helpin' her with? Yea lol.

Honestly, I felt like a bad bitch. I told her off, I beat Ebony's ass. I was so ready for what was next. I was sick of these little petty girls trying me.

We were in the waiting room for about another hour before the doctor came in. "So, we have some news, Triniti." He stated. I grew nervous. "Yeah?" I asked. "Jared is going to be okay, however he is going to be asleep for a while. I came to tell you so that you and your friends can go home and get some rest." He said. I let out a sigh of relief and smiled. "Thank you so much, Doctor." I said. "You're welcome. He should be up by the time you all get back." He responded before walking away. I smiled and walked over to Michael and Olivia. "Hey y'all. Wake up!" I loudly whispered. "Wake up!" I got louder. Finally they both woke up. "What's wrong? Is Jared okay!?" Olivia shot up. Michael stood up and yawned then looked at me for a response. "Yeah, he is going to be alright. We should go home and get some rest though. The doctor said he is going to be asleep for a while." I told them. They smiled. We all walked out of the hospital and made our way to Michael's car. Now that I wasn't so stressed, I was able to see how truly tired I really was. I mean, before this all happened I was sitting on Olivia's couch, dozing off.

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