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so this'll be a short update due to the fact i haven't got any more results, everything has pretty much stayed the same, which is okay.

apart from the fact that i feel some sort of good-looking today. maybe it's all this blockage removals making my mind a little more positive, usually i would just swear at myself telling me that i'm ugly lmao.

however, sadly, i'm going back to school today; lowkey wanna die.

i think i might loose more weight when i'm at school, due to the fact that i don't eat at all at school, unless i'm extremely hungry.
i stay hydrated; i just don't eat.
i hate eating in front of people, never mind pretending i'm an extrovert, (even though everyone in my year knows practically that 'dan thewlis' is the opposite of that.

anyways, on the other hand, our school's steps go really fucking high and travel in a spiral-ly way, you get out of breath so quick.

so that's my calories burned along with having pe first lesson too, even though the teacher hates me because 1) i'm bad at sports 2) bad at exercise 3) don't do any of the first two properly

i mean, i feel as if she was aiming at me when she made us do weights, and then they didn't weigh anything but air. but hey-ho there you go.

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