Chapter 1: Request

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"Aissh. Why we need to study this subject? Do I have to do this?!" Lisa complained, She's ruffling her hair because of the math equation that their teacher gave.

"Stop complaining Unnie, Just do your work" Joy rolled her eyes,  She's busy solving the equation on a scratch paper.

Lisa and Joy were busy solving a math equations inside the study room of the castle. They're in a home schooling because it's the safest way for princesses like them.

"Okay I'm done!" Lisa said and dropped the pen she's holding. She went towards the table and put her paper on the table then suddenly their Private Professor came in.

"Are you done, M'Lady?" The Professor asked her.

"Yes. Can I leave now Mister Lee?" Lisa asked him. He took his seat and fix everything on the table.

"Yes M'Lady. I have classes in the City" Lee said, Lisa was about to walk away but she walk backwards until she reach his table again.

"Can I ask you something?" Lisa asked him. She took the chair beside her and took her seat.

"Of course M'Lady. What is it?" Lee asked her, He removed his spectacle and look directly to Lisa.

"Can you describe me how or what does the real school look like?" Lisa said. "I mean you know, the students. Are they wild? Behave? Is there a riot everyday? Ser Jin-Young told me that it's really fun to study outside the castle. I'm just wondering since I'm locked up here since birth" Lisa pouted.

"Honestly M'Lady, school is fun. You can have a lot of friends out there, hang out every after class, there's alot of activities every month and also you can meet your first love there or boyfriend" Lee stated, Lisa nodded as a response. She doesn't have any idea outside since she's been locked up inside the castle. Her cousins always telling her about the happenings outside the castle everytime they went for a visit and it made her jealous.

"Is it dangerous to go in City alone?" Lisa asked him again.

"Not really but in your case, It is. You're the princess of Korea, M'Lady" He reponse. "So where are Seulgi and Jisoo?" Lee asked her.

"I don't know. I'll go now" Lisa said. She got up from her seat and took a glance to Joy. She went towards her and a idea came up to her mind. "Hey there my little sister, Is it hard?" Lisa asked her.

Joy looked up and she nodded "You will help me?" Joy asked her, Lisa gave her a sweet smile and offer her hand to give the pen to her which Joy instantly handed.

"Number four? Is it too hard for you?" Lisa asked her.

"Yes. It's really complicated" Joy pouted, Lisa sly a smirk and nodded.

"Okay. I'll do it for you" Lisa mumbled, then something happened that made Joy surprised.

"Yaaaaahhh!!!" Joy yelled at Lisa. Lisa run away laughing. She open the wooden door and close it immediately, scared of got chase by her sister because she knows that Joy will choke her.

"What's happening?" Lee asked Joy.

"She drew on my paper!!" Joy yelled that made her professor cover his ears because of her loud voice. Joy went towards the professor and put the paper on the table and rush out of the room to chase Lisa.


Lisa's P. O. V.

I am walking along the hallway of our castle and looking for Jisoo Unnie and Seulgi. They didn't attend the class, I guess they're in the barn or in the field.

Well, Actually if all of you are wondering what I am wearing right now, It's a modern attire. A jacket and pants, it's prohibited to wear these clothes but who cares? I'm the princess so I can do whatever I want. Unlike before when I'm still a kid, I'm wearing a old leather tunics and boots well I'm still wearing boots sometimes but most of our clothes were modern and formal. I'm not wearing any dress for my daily outfit unlike Joy who's more girly than I am and also Minnie. I prefer to wear comfortable clothes than wearing a dress, I always wear track suit inside the castle and if we're going outside I'm wearing dress or any formal suit. Everything changed even the sword fighting on every events in the castle it took down by my father. Back then the infantrymen were holding a sword or achery but now, they're using guns but the attire was still there. My henchman which is Jin Young was wearing an armor back then but now he's wearing a formal attire even Hyun Suk, Joy's Henchman and Seung sung, Minnie's Henchman. All of the royalties here, Have a henchman including Unnie and Seulgi. While my cousins, I mean the boys have a servant for protection.

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