Homecoming- Poofless

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Preston's P.O.V.

"Alright Mr Bad Boy, and what makes you think I want to go to the prom with you?" I folded my arms, giving him one of my best you ain't getting away with this one glares.

Rob pouted and reached out his hand, making me roll my eyes but take it never the less and laugh quite a bit at his antics. He had been asking me to go to prom with him for weeks now, despite the fact that I had already said yes several times.

"Why would you not want to go with me?" He said cheekily, leaning in and peaking my cheek with a quick kiss before dragging me off to his motorcycle, which we rode home to his house everyday.

"Because you're an annoying dickhead who won't leave me alone?" I suggested, giggling when he looked completely stunned and offended by my suggestion.

"Awwwww babe!!!" He pouted again, handing me my helmet. "Meanie!" I cooed, pinching his cheek before pulling my helmet on.

"Look at this big tough buy using all these enduring words!" I laughed, poking his butt before slipping onto the seat behind him and wrapping my arms around his waist. He poked his tongue out before pushing his visor down, making sure my hands were securely around him.

"And look at the sweet pastel boy making fun of the big bad wolf!" He laughed back, starting up the engine. "You can't really be hypocritical or breaking the stereotype, can you now?" He raised an eyebrow.

"I suppose not." I shrugged and slipped my own visor down, ready for the short but windy ride back to Rob's house.


His house was empty, not that that was any different from usual. His parents were also never home, they were constantly away on business trip or someone or other, so Rob only saw them for a few days once every month but he didn't really mind. He could take care of himself.

Rob shoved open the front door with one shoulder and we both stepped inside, raiding the pantry for snacks before heading up to his bedroom. His parents had groceries delivered every weeks so we knew what snacks there were, it was the same ones every time.

"So what's happening with your history project?" Rob mumbled through a mouthful of crackers. I lit up like a lightbulb. History was probably my favourite subject and we were doing a project on a history topic of our choice, so I had chosen the Roman period in Europe. Ancient societies always interested me, especially the politics, so I was doing an essay on the political situation in Rome throughout the Roman period.

"Oh it's going great, I'm further ahead than I thought I was going to be and I'm really happy with it so far-" I rambled on, taking notice of the way that Rob was looking at me.

He was smiling in that love struck way you saw in movies and I went red, trailing off my sentence.

"Keep going Pressy." He said. "I love listening to when you talk about something you're passionate about."

I went an even brighter red and clammed up, covering my mouth with one of my hands. Rob grinned and went in for a quick kiss, pulling my hand away.

"You're so beautiful when you talk about something you love Preston, never forget that." I smiled shyly as he reached up and adjusted my flower crown, one of the ones that I kept at his house. I had heaps, some at my house, some that I kept in my locker and some that stayed at his so I could have one whenever I wanted it. This one was yellow.

I smiled and there was blissful silence for a few minutes before Rob spoke up again.

"So what are we going to do for homecoming? We both have suits but are we going to get matching ties or anything?" I nodded.

"That'd be good, we can do it sometime in the next week or so I guess. We've got plenty of time, there's no need to rush." He grinned.

"Good, I was just making sure you were on board."

"Of course I would be! Why wouldn't I be?" He pecked my cheek again.

"Cause you're Preston and Preston has some trouble with some weird things."


The night of homecoming arrived faster than I expected if I was being honest. We hadn't planned to do anything special really, just show up and hang out with our friends for thing night and then go home because I didn't like the idea of going to any after parties.

I wasn't big on the idea of drinking and although we were only 18, the legal age in America being 21, a few of my friends had already gotten into alcohol and I distanced myself from them. I just didn't like being around it because I knew what it could do to people and Rob respected that. He didn't touch alcohol either.

We had matching pastel blue ties, my idea because it was my favourite colour and Rob just went along with it because if he had any say in the matter then everything would be black and he knew it. I had a flower crown of the same colour in my pocket, I could wear once we got there.

We arrived on Rob's motorcycle, of course. There was no need for anything different than normal and Rob loved his cycle, so why would we not use it. Almost everyone else either showed up in a limo with all of their friends or in their parents fancy car with their date.

At the venue we hung out in the back with all of our friends, a group of pretty diverse people who didn't fit in with the regular crowd and who were sometimes outcasts, but pretty much everyone managed to find someone to go with and if they didn't they instead arrived with their group of friends.

We just hung out and talked, no different really than any other day but only there was music in the background and the few people who had been together for a while were dancing, but that was it. Rob and I laughed and talked, occasionally singing along to a song we liked.

We left just after they announced the homecoming king and queen, some of the popular kids so it wasn't the most surprising moment. Afterwards Rob took my hand and whispered into my ear that I was his homecoming king, making me blush a fierce red.

"Come on Pressy." He whispered as people began leaving. "I think it's time to go home."

I agreed and he took my hand, fighting our way through the hoards of people heading for the door and out into the carpark. The ride home was slow and quiet and I just enjoyed the wind whipping through my clothes and the cool breeze in my face.

Rob helped me off the motorcycle when we got to his house, my parents had given permission for me to stay the night at his house so I didn't have to worry about them. I placed my helmet on the shelf in his garage next to where he parked the cycle and he practically dragged me inside and up to his room.

I yawned and Rob grinned, kissing me gently.

"Tired Preston?" I nodded.

"Ye- yeah." I had yawned in the middle of my sentence and closed my eyes, falling onto his bed. Rob crawled up beside me and helped me pull my suit off until I was just in my boxers and one of Rob's t-shirts, which he had given me to sleep in.

Rob was dressed in the same things when he crawled under the covers beside me, hugging me close. I was the little spoon so Rob's chin was resting on the top of my chin, his arms around my waist from behind and his legs intertwined.

"Did you have a good homecoming?" He asked, whispering into my ear.

"Yeah, it was fun. I'm glad we got to go together." I could feel him smiling, even if I didn't see it.

"Same here." He yawned, tucking me closer into his chest. "Love you Pressy."

"Love you too Rob." I mumbled back, content. "Thank you for a great evening."

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