The Stars Above (McDuke)

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Hello, everyone! This one-shot was requested by @Tsuchisty, I hope you enjoy!

Duke's POV

"You're a fucking slut! How dare you drag our family's name into the ground as if it's nothing!" my mother screamed as she clutched my father's arm

"No lesbians are allowed in this household! Get out!" my father growled as he took another swig of whiskey

"If you don't, we'll beat your ass harder than the cat!" my mother's fists clenched

"Go, now!" my father threw the now empty bottle against the wall

"You heard the man, get the fuck out of here, and don't come back!" my older brother spat violently

I flew out the door for the fear of my life. On the way out, I grabbed my filled suitcase and proceeded to bolt down the street to the only place where I felt safe, McNamara's house. Whenever I needed her, she's there for me, always. I've had a crush on Heather for many years, it was ever since eighth grade. She usually made me feel warm, when we embraced, played together, or just be by ourselves.

I run to her house in the cold, icy snow as cars rushed by me. My tears are freezing, and my sobs muffled by the freezing, blistering winds. Mac's house is near Sawyers' Sandwich Shop, I know the route well, so, would not be difficult to find Heather's house.

As I near a Seven-Eleven, my eyes start to blur, and I'm losing balance. I limp and lean against a brick wall. I slide down slowly, whimpering quietly as I sit down on the cold pavement. But I must move onwards, Heather's house is only a few blocks away. My love for Heather shall keep me warm and her gentle smile to keep me motivated, I must see her again. To have her hold me in her arms.

I shamble onwards to a coffee shop down the street, where Chandler and Veronica just so happen to be exiting the warm beverage shop. They look so happy with each other, I want to be just like them, oh how I envy them and their happiness. I try calling out to Chandler, she didn't seem to hear me, or nothing came out. Veronica must have heard it because she whipped her head around in my direction.

"Heather, are you okay? You look awful!" Veronica sympathized

"They disowned you, didn't they?" Chandler's face grew gloomy

I nod, as I'm too cold to respond with words.

"Aww, poor thing, come on and get in the car, we're going to the McNamara mansion!" Veronica comforted as she opened the car door and I got inside

Once inside, Chandler started to drive and struck up a conversation as she handed me a second coffee she got for free.

"Damn, your brother turned on you too? I'm sorry, Dukie!" Chandler sniffled as I finished explaining my current situation

"Don't worry, you will see your Heather soon enough, and she'll take you in!"

"Yeah, that's the only good thing today," I slurped on my coffee

The thing that I'm afraid of is Mac not liking me back. I love her so much, I wish the world could hear it. For as long as I can remember, Heather and I have friends probably since birth or early preschool. We'd always play tag or chase each other around the courtyard while her parents watched us. I still remember the time I told her that I was a lesbian, she was so proud of me for coming out, so much so, that she kissed me on the cheek.

I looked at the night sky's bright stars and formulated many shapes according to what I think I see. Each picture I formed showed up as either a lion or a flower. But there was something else in the vast beyond, stars aligned to make a beautiful portrait of Heather. Maybe, I'm just daydreaming, who knows, all I can see is Heather McNamara's beautiful face and her sexy baby-blue eyes. The stars are molded into the shape of her gorgeous smile. It's only then, I knew, she is mine.

"Alright, we're here, good luck!" Veronica cheered

"Thank you," I reply while crying as I got out of the car

I clutch my jacket and head to the door of her humble home and knocked. Heather must've been passing by as she answered the door almost instantly. She looks surprised that I'm here at such late hours, this is the reaction I expected. Heather's expression turned sad and hugged me tightly.

"Mac, I-I," I started

"No, shh, it's okay, come inside, I know what happened," Heather soothed as she moved her hands up and down my back

Mac closed the door behind us, locking it, and we drifted to the couch. On the sofa was a single weighted blanket and the clicker on the armrest. The table had some snacks such as crisps and vegetables along with their own dips. Heather sat on the couch and patted her lap, beckoning me to relax. I comply and plant myself on a pair of glistening thighs.

I rest my head on her busty chest, "Thank you, Heather!"

"No problem, Heather!" McNamara smiled brightly

Without hesitation, I mutter aloud, "I really like you, Heather, more than best friends!"

"Me too, Dukie!"

"I just want to wrap myself in your arms every night and cuddle you while watching shitty rom-com together. All the while, I get to kiss you after a long day of high school!" I grinned as I pressed my nose against hers

"That sounds lovely, but we both need some sleep, especially after what happened with you and your parents," Mac explained

"Yeah, I agree!" I said as Heather wrapped her soft, weighted blanket around my small Korean body

"Goodnight babe, love you!" McNamara spoke as she laid me down and became the big spoon as I shared the blanket with her

"Love you too, sweetheart!" I finish as Mac smooches my lips passionately

"Also, why would you travel through the cold?" Mac asked while caressing my cheek

"I had to Let It Go, all of my feelings, the storm raged on while I felt like a queen slamming the door of my past to open a new one!" I teased lightly

"That made me feel... Frozen" Mac giggled as she rested her head

I fulfilled that promise of cuddling and kissing every day after school. When we announced that we were a couple, everyone cheered for us, meanwhile, Veronica and Chandler responded with kissing each madly as the crowd raged with adoration for us all, hell, Kurt and Ram were so confident that they made out with each other too. Indeed, today was the best day ever. As I say this, JD blasts 'The Best Day Ever' from Spongebob SquarePants on the speakers at full volume.

I hope you enjoyed this one-shot! Also, I'm planning something special, it will hopefully come soon, stay tuned!



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