Cutting game

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Seren slowly became aware of a brightening, in the room and a warmth spreading across her face as the sun slowly climbed up the window. She squinted as she tried to open her eyes, realizing just whose bed she was laying sprawled in, and whose t-shirt had ridden up to her waist, revealing a pair of blue panties. 

She could hear the even breathing of the wolf next to her and slowly turned her head. He wasn't a wolf and he definitely wasn't wearing any clothes. She took in his form all at once, lying stomach down, sun-tanned skin stretched over his relaxed muscles, his face buried in his pillow, and his bare buttocks brazenly waiting for the whole world to see.

Seren shrieked and shoved away from him, toppling off the bed. He sat up quickly, alarmed, half of his hair sticking straight up as he watched her scramble to her feet. She tugged her shirt down, blushing terribly.

"What's wrong?" he asked, blinking hard to wake himself up. 

Seren turned a darker shade of red, embarassed at how cute she thought he looked. His eyes, glued to her bare legs, didn't help matters. " cover yourself up or something?" 

His lips pressed together as he tried not to smile and flipped a blanket over his waist, amused. "Have you never seen a naked man before?"

"Of course I have!" she snapped without thinking, suddenly alarmed when his gaze turned dark and thunderous. She had clearly hit a spot within him, that protective and possessive chord that had rung before when he paced for days outside her house. The thought of her with another man no doubt enraged him. "W-what I d-do is none of your b-business," she stammered.

She saw his muscles flex as he pressed his body up from the mattress, his eyes nearly black as he moved towards her in a swift lunge. Seren quickly jumped back, narrowly avoiding his grip and slipped behind the bedroom door, locking it just before his weight crashed into it, threatening to splinter it. 

"Open the door, Seren!" His voice was a mixture of a snarl and morning huskiness that made her shake. 

"No," she growled back.

"You are mine now, Seren!" he shouted through the wood. The words were coming from his primal side, his wolf. This was not something she expected to hear from him. "Everything you do is my business...especially where other males are concerned. You may not have accepted me yet, but I will not allow any man to ever touch you."

She could imagine just how he would look, then, eyes aglow with fury, and it weakened her resolve. The waves of his power and authority were seeping through the door into her chest, commanding her to back down from this argument and to believe what he said. After all, he was the alpha and that meant that his bond to his mate would be stronger, more intense. These feelings he felt for Seren were all because of the bond, because of the drive his wolf side possessed. Wolves were hardwired to find their mate and reproduce; anything that came between a male and his female or a female and her pups was as good as dead. Seren concluded that his body was simply clouding his mind and better judgment with its most rudimentary programming, that she was coming between him and his mate and he didn't know how to react.

But she couldn't think of removing the bond now...not while she stood in her underwear and his shirt. And, it was not as though her own animalistic nature necessarily wanted to break the bond just yet...

Seren didn't answer him and turned on the shower. She knew if she did, it would be some witty retort that she would instantly regret when the door exploded open and Liam came charging in to fufill his earlier promise. She stepped in and instantly put the bar of soap to her neck, where weeks ago his teeth had gently raked over her skin. Just the thought sent goosebumps down her back that even the warm water couldn't stop. She scrubbed her scalp with shampoo and then conditioned the ends of her hair, shaving and contemplating if it was doing it for herself or because she knew he would see it. She stepped out only when she felt absolutely sterile, even wrapping a different towel around her body. With a sigh, she moved to the door only to realize that Liam was probably still in the bedroom and that there was likely no pile of clothes waiting for her. 

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