Chapter 6

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It's been almost a week and a half since I had believed that I saw someone near that Harley. I was now going out of mind seeing this particular motorcycle everywhere I went. It was outside the grocery store, my apartment building, my work office, my client's offices, it even followed me outside Ben's apartment. I was fucking sick of it and sick of the lack of answers I was getting. I didn't know if this person or even persons were members of the club my bio dad belonged to or even a potential rival? I was warned wasn't I?

After getting off work that Wednesday and walking out the doors of my office building I quickly glanced around outside to see if I could spot the bike. I couldn't see it and so I made my way towards my apartment, only to reach it and see the fucking bike there. That was my breaking point and since Ben wasn't waiting for me upstairs, because of his case coming up, I changed my destination. I was tired of being followed, or feeling like someone was following me. I felt the large presence watching me every time I went to the gym or went to the store, any public place that it could be appropriate for this person or persons to watch from afar it did. 

Instead of walking off towards my apartment, I marched myself, pumps and all, over to the bike and waited. I just stood there by the bike and glared at it. I don't know what I expected to happen by glaring at it, but this was driving me insane. 

I didn't feel safe and secure in my day to day activities knowing that somebody was following me, and watching me. I needed to confront the problem and needed it to be public in my own area in case anything went awry. 

I shifted my weight from foot to foot and after glancing at my watch and seeing that it had been twenty minutes and nobody had come up to the bike, I groaned and pulled out my purse. Reaching in my purse which contained a large assortment of things, since I needed to work on some of these start up companies, I finally found what I was looking for and pulled out my post it notes and a sharpie. I quickly wrote a note stating none to nicely to stop fucking following me and was about to slap it on the seat of the bike when someone grabbed my wrist. 

I glared harshly at the hand and then looked at the arm that it was attached to. There was colorful ink that decorated both of his arms from the wrist up his arms where the rest of the designs were hidden under a black plain t-shirt. The muscles in his arm and forearm flexed as he relaxed his grip a bit on mine and gently pushed my arm away from the bike. I continued in studying him as my eyes met with his and I could see the way his hazel eyes were trying to disarm me, probably from kicking his bike over. I couldn't help but notice how handsome he was with his dark hair, dark beard, and dark brow. Even though he was an incredibly handsome man with an incredible build, I glared at him, too pissed off at this situation to care. 

"Are you the owner of this bike?" I practically growled at him which caused him to let go of my wrist and cross his arms in front of him, while stepping slightly in front of his bike. 

"I am." Even his voice was attractive. I had to stop myself from rolling my eyes.

I glared at him again, "Stop fucking following me! What the hell do you want?" My voice was starting to get a little too loud for my taste and also for being in a public place. 

He only raised an eyebrow in response before he responded. "You are Terror's daughter aren't you?"

"What the hell are you...." I trailed off before I realized. He had a cut over his black shirt and I could clearly see it saying Phoenix MC on it. "You mean Miles?" I asked him. 

He only gave a nod.

"Fucking hell." I groaned under my breath. "Yes, I am his daughter. Why the hell are you following me?" 

"He asked me to follow you." His posture hadn't relaxed in this slightest and he didn't seem to be enjoying this conversation at all. 

I crossed my arms, "Are you going to tell me why he asked you to follow me, or should I just drive down there myself?"

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