Chapter 1

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I could feel the sand of the beach, warm my feet, as I curled my toes into the soft and hot sand, I was wearing my bikini which the top part came up a little past my stomach, I sat on the towel as I watched my friend and her boyfriend, make out on the towel right next to me.
"You two need to get a room."
Tasha looked up from her boyfriend to me.
"Don't be jealous Abigail, just because your boyfriend left you, doesn't mean you have to be all snotty about it. " She giggled as her boyfriend started to kiss her neck. I could absolutely care less of what she has to say, but it doesn't mean that she has to rub it in.
"Well, I'm gonna go get something to drink, do any of you two want something?"
They both didn't glance my way, "so I guess that's a no then?" I got up and the two of them were like eating each other up, which made me sick inside.

I finally got to the bar, and I could see a lot of sweaty, but hot boys in the bar with their girlfriends, once again they were eating each other up like ice cream. I looked up at the bartender, and he gave me a broad smile. "Hello, there miss. What would you like?" I started to scan the menu.
"I would like a gimlet please."
"Sure thing. It will be ready in a minute miss."
"Thank you," I said giving him a lazy smile.
It didn't take long until my drink was ready.
"That would be 10 dollars, miss."
"Gosh, that's cheap," I said.
"Well you gonna pay up, or what?" the man asks, while his hand was out, waiting for my money to be in his hand.
"Yes, I'll pay up, just wait."
I looked in my for my purse, but then I realized that I left it over to where Tasha and Gavin were. Crap I can't believe that I left it over there. I looked back at the bartender and said. "I left my purse over where I was sitting."
"Well no cash, no drink."
Ugh, how rude. I just said that I forgot my purse over there, and now he won't give me a chance to go get it. Unbelievable.
I went to go get my purse until I heard the guy shout at me. "Miss, come back here!" Ugh, what does he want now, I started to make my way towards him. "What do you want?" I asked in a rude way, which I wasn't being really rude, but what does he want?
"Miss, someone already paid for your drink."
"I said someone already paid for your drink, do I have to repeat it once more to you?" He said in a chilling voice.
"No, no, that's fine. I'll just take my drink to go then."
As I waited for my drink to be here, I had things racing through my mind like who paid for my drink, and like about 1 year ago or three years ago, I don't know, but anyway a girl about 7 years old got murdered in Utah, which isn't really far from here, but the police say that the girl's legs were broken by some person, and when they examined her neck there was a huge gash going across her neck, but I wondered who killed her. As the guy came back, I snapped back into reality, the guy slid my drink over to me, and before I could walk away, I turned and said over my shoulder. "Who paid for my drink?"
The guy looked up from what he was doing.
"I don't know, he just laid a 10 dollar bill down, and he left."
"Well did you see the face?" I asked to see if he could give me an answer.
"No, he was wearing a black hoodie, I couldn't see his face."
I just nodded, which was my thank you. I sipped on my gimlet as I walked back over to Tasha and Gavin.
"Well, you two still eating each other?"
Tasha gave me a look which meant yes. I sat back down on my towel while watching the waves crash down on the beach.

I was home, sitting on my couch while watching Midnight Sun, it was a good movie, but in the end, it was a happy ending, but I watched it like the millionth time already, I love it. My phone started to ring, I hope it isn't my Ex, because of him he was a total jerk to me, he wouldn't let me do my homework or anything, like seriously, give a girl some space here. So I broke up with him, like, I don't know, a month ago, I'm guessing. I gave a quick glance at my phone, and of course, it was my Ex, again. He tried to get me back, but I kept on refusing, and also I can absolutely care less of what he has to say. I hit denied and went straight to the bathroom to take a nice, hot, and relaxing shower. As I peeled my white tank top off and my shorty shorts, which they weren't even that short, last year when I was a senior, my English teacher, Mr. Quatee started to complain about my shorts, like seriously why are you looking at my butt, so I called him a pervert, and I got sent to the office, which I shouldn't have in the first place. He should have been sent to the office, not me.

I stepped into the shower and the water was hitting off my back, but the water felt nice and relaxing, but at least it is helping my sore and achy muscles. As soon as I got out, I quickly went straight to my room and threw on a fresh pair of pj's on. I read a book for about an hour, I was still wondering about who paid for my drink, but I really hope not, it wasn't the killer, would it? No, it's just me, but I bet that the killer got sent to jail for who knows how long, but if it was the killer, then I don't know. As I thought more and more about the killer, it made me sleepy, but I wonder if the killer is really out there. I felt my eyes get heavy, suddenly the darkness took over me, and I fell into a great deep sleep.

I woke up from my alarm clock, that kept on beeping none stop. I slammed my fist down on it, and it stopped. I looked at it which says 6 o clock in the morning. Ugh, why did I set my alarm clock at 6? I just realized that I had to pack all my stuff because I'm going to college. I quickly packed all my clothes, books, journals, and my other crap. It didn't take me long, but as soon as I got a hint of the smell of eggs, bacon, and sausage. I quickly threw my stuff in and quickly took the steps two at a time, which luckily I didn't fall on my face, because I was flying down those steps as a cheetah would chasing its prey. When I got down there, I saw my mom setting down the plates and my dad quickly got a plate, and he started to eat the sausage first, my mother wack him lightly in the back if his head.
"Honey, why did you do that?" He said as he had a mouthful of sausage in his mouth, my mother looked at him, and she giggled.
"Well, you should wait until Abigail is here. And don't talk with your mouth full dear, you'll choke."
My father got up, and he started to make his way towards her, he wrapped his arms around her, and he started to leave kisses on her neck.
"Mom, dad, um you two need to get a room," I say as I started to giggle. My mother just looked at me and laughed.
"Well then, tell your father to listen then."
Well, that's one thing I would do.

After I ate, I quickly went up to the stairs and got dressed, I then grabbed my boxes of stuff and put them in my car. After that, I went back into the house and I was searching for my mom and dad. I checked the living room, they weren't there, I checked the bathroom, basement, attic, but they weren't there. I suddenly heard moans and groans from upstairs, oh gosh, they're probably having sex again, or there probably just making out, well in a gross kind of way. I quickly wrote a note and left it on the table, which said, "well, I'm heading off to the Northern University, which is in Greeley, which isn't far from here, but I'll text you when I get there. Love you."

It only took me like an hour to get there, but the dark already took over. And when I got there, I quickly walked inside with my boxes full of stuff, and then a person called my name. "You must be Abigail? Am I right miss?" I looked over and I saw a guy, which he was about in his 40s, but he is probably a teacher. He had like no hair on his head, and his skin was like a rotten grape, but no offense he does remind me of a grape.
"Yes, I'm Abigail."
The old guy came over and held out a hand. I took his outstretched hand, and he shook it.
"Well, Abigail, it's nice to meet you, I'm professor Phillips. I'm a writing professor. And I must think that you came here for writing classes, am I right?"
"Yes sir, but I'll have to take Multi-Interdisciplinary Studies, Business, Health Professions, Parks, Recreation, Leisure & Fitness Studies, Psychology right?" I wasn't sure if I had to or not, but it is better than a regular school.
"Well, we'll talk about it tomorrow, and here I'll show you where you'll be staying, and the lady, which is your roommate, will be showing you around tomorrow." He said.
"Thank you, sir," I said politely.
"You're very welcome, young lady. I must be heading out. It was nice meeting you, Abigail." he said in a polite voice.
"It was nice meeting you to professor Phillips." He nodded his head and before I was about to take my first step, professor Phillips said over his shoulder.
"Oh, and Abigail. The lady who is your roommate has your schedule for tomorrow. And also your room number is 203." I just nodded my head, and he left. I walked up to the steps quickly but quietly, so that I didn't wake anybody up. I scanned the doors for room 203, which wasn't hard. When I got in there, I saw a girl with her brown hair in a messy bun, she was wearing a white tank top, and blue jeans.
She came up to me happily, and she greeted me.
"Hello, you must be Abigail, I'm Haily."
I set my boxes down, and she shook my hand.
"Well, it's nice to meet you too Haily."

After she helped me unpacked my stuff, I still couldn't figure out who the guy paid for my drink. But I was scared about the killer being in this college, but I really doubt it that he's in here, is he? As soon as I got into bed, I was still thinking about the guy who was the killer, but I still couldn't put my tongue on it, I wonder if the guy who paid for my drink really was the killer, but I'm getting myself worked up about it. I quickly texted my mom, and after I did that, I fell into a deep sleep.

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