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     On the last day of winter break, I decided to spend it at home doing nothing. I was on my bed, in my room, and watching shows online.

Occasionally, I texted Grayson about random stuff including the books and his day. It dried out towards the night as I was getting ready to sleep. Before I completely drifted off, downstairs, I heard a loud slam.

I was startled and extremely frightened. Thinking it was a burglar, I took my phone with me and hid inside the closet.

I started to call 911 but stopped when I heard Aunt Martha's voice.

"Where is she? That ungrateful-"

My door slammed open and Aunt Martha came in, stumbling slightly. She smelled strongly of alcohol and her eyes glazed over in some kind of haze.

"Aunt Martha are you okay?" I asked cautiously, never seeing her like this.

She started to crazily laugh and yelled right in my face, "Am I okay? You're asking me? You? The person who killed my sister, became a burden for me, and made my life a living hell? You're asking me if I'm okay?! I should've left you in the system. You killed her!" With that, she swung her hand back and backhanded me in the face.

It didn't register until a few seconds later when my cheek started to bleed and I realized her ring had cut me.

My Aunt looked as shocked as me and stared at her hands then back at me. She stumbled out of the room.

My cheek hurt and it was already starting to throb, but the pain was in the back of my mind.

You killed her!

I screamed at the top of my lungs and covered my ears.

"I didn't kill her! I didn't do it!" I screeched at the door even though Martha was gone. I kept on screaming until my voice went hoarse.

I got up, grabbed my coat, and stormed out of the house. I've never ran out of my house nor have I ever been outside when it was this dark, alone.

I wandered my neighborhood and started to shiver since it was getting cold. I wasn't going back to that house, at least not tonight. My Aunt had never lashed out at me like that.

It hurt.

I called Grayson, the only person in my contact list, except for Aunt Martha.

"Hello?" He picked up on the third ring.

I was silent for a few moments.

"Elisa?" He asked again.

"Oh sorry, hi!" I answered back with a hoarse voice.

"Did you need something?"

"Yeah... Can I stay at your house tonight? I promise I won't bother you. I'll sleep on the couch." I asked him in a tentative voice.

"Sure, do you need me to pick you up?" Grayson responded to me in a softer tone.

"Yes please."

I quickly wiped at the dried blood on my cheek when I saw Grayson's car a few minutes later. It was pretty dark and I was hiding the forming bruise/cut on my cheek with the sleeve of my jacket.

I got in the car and I instantly relaxed with the warmness. It was silent for a few minutes and Grayson suddenly questioned me, "So, you want to tell me why you were standing outside? In your pajamas?"

I thought about his question for a moment before shaking my head.

He looked over at me but I turned away to face the window.

The car stopped when we finally arrived at his house. I followed after Grayson and we entered his warm house.

He switched the lights on and faced me.

"Do you-" he stopped short when he started scanning my face, specifically my cheek.

I shot my hand up to cover it and looked down.

I felt his hand pull my hand away and he forced me to look up. He grasped my chin and turned my head to get a clearer view.

I struggled to get out of his hold, but he wasn't letting go.

I still couldn't tell what his emotions were because of his poker face, but I saw a slight twitch in his eye when he softly smoothed his thumb over the cut.

He just sighed and dragged me over to the kitchen counter. I waited a few moments when he left and came back with a first aid kit.

I winced when he applied the alcohol swab on the cut. He wiped off the remaining blood and placed a bandaid on top of the cut.

Grayson motioned me to follow him with his hand. We both entered his room and I felt a little nervous.

He threw a shirt at me and a pair of basketball shorts.

"You can sleep on my bed. There's a spare brush under the counter." That was all he said before he left the room.

I changed, brushed my teeth, and got into his bed.

It took about an hour or two before I fell asleep.


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