If you don't know what spooning is, it's basically when people (preferably two) cuddle in bed. Usually the female has her back pressed up against the male's stomach, and the male has his arms around the femal's waist. Their legs (knees) are bent in-wards identically to create a spoon shape!-You will need to know that for when you read the story believe me.-Ax.



Yesterday was amazing! Tom was so proud of me! He treated me to a massive bag of sweets. I remember him saying, "I know you're a diver now Hannigan, but sweets cannot be resisted!" We walked hand in had around the town for the rest of the day! We practically cuddled all night in bed.....

.....like a couple. I must have been smiling in my sleep because I was woken up not by the sound of Tom's alarm, but to the melting sound of Tom's sleepy voice. "Why are you being a Cheshire cat this morning?" He laughed quietly. 

"What.....?" I said, waking up. Our faces were so close our noses were nearly touching. 

"You were smiling in your sleep."

"Huh.....?" I just simply CANNOT communicate properly when I'm waking up.

"I've been awake for at least five minutes." There was a brief pause of my stretching because I feel like I've missed something here.....

"Oh GOD. Tom...were we spooning?" 


"Tom you spooned me."

"No I didn't!"

"Tom..." I interrupted myself with my own giggles, "..you spooned me!"

"No, Miss Ivory-blue, I didn't spoon you, maybe!"

"Nooo we can't have spooned!" Only couples do that, right?

"You don't HAVE to be a couple to spoon."

".....TOM we spooned and you know it!"

".....FINE we might have  ARM-PILLOW-spooned for a while..."

"Next time, let's just cuddle slightly." We both giggled. It wasn't even time to actually get up yet. So we just stayed in bed, face to face, whispering random stuff to each other. I have to say, it was just perfect! His smile, his eyes, everything about him is perfect!


Oh great, training. 

*TOM'S P.O.V* 

Her smile, her eyes, everything about her is perfect! Our early morning chats are just.....



Ahh brilliant! Training!

*1 hour later*


"So. If you balance hard enough and keep your body straight you'll be able to do a hand-stand, see?" Tom demonstrated a hand-stand on a soft mat in the gym area.

I raised an eyebrow. "Impressive!" I smiled. He brought himself back down.

"You try! I'll hold your legs!" I crouched down and slowly and lifted my legs into the air. Suddenly there was a massive rumble and crash in the sky and the whole center just shook. Everyone screamed and grabbed onto one another. I fell down as the vibrations from the rumble hit the floor. The loud echoing of the rumble filled the entire center.

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