Chapter Five

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Immediately, Jason jogged over to Percy. "Percy, I need you to breathe a little. Calm down." He mumbled. Jason set a comforting hand on Percy's shoulder. Without hesitation, Percy grabbed onto the son of Jupiter's wrist and twisted his arm backwards, forcing Jason into his knees as his arm was close to being dislocated from behind.

"Don't fucking touch me, 'mkay?"

With that, Percy released Jason's arm. Jason slowly brushed his fingers over the right grip mark on his wrist, still sunk on his knees. Percy grabbed onto parts of his hair, pulling as he muttered thing inaudible under his breath. Will and Nico rushed over to the other two. "What the hell happened?" Nico asked as he watched Percy mumble to himself and walk toward his sword and the dummies. "Anger, not directed towards you." Will said quickly as he inspected Jason's wrist. "Yeah, no fucking duh, Solace." Nico grumbled. "Watch your tone with me, young man." Will snapped back.

Jason sat there as the two had a silent staring contest. Evidently, Nico lost. The son of Hades averted his eyes with a huff, looking at the ground before once again looking at Percy. Will returned his attention to Jason's wound.

"There'll probably be some light bruising, maybe a little irritation but nothing that is really damaging. Your shoulder seems fine as well; it'll probably just be some for a double of days." Will explained. Jason nodded and rose to his feet, Will following suit. "Percy?" Nico called to the son of Poseidon. Percy didn't seem to hear.

You liked it, didn't you? The rush. The power. The adrenaline, coursing through your veins. A voice in Percy's head taunted. "Just shut up...please." Percy whimpered under his breath. "Percy, are you alright?" Nico asked, hesitantly walking closer to Percy. Percy clenched his eyes, trying to get rid of the voice in his head and the ringing in his ears. "Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. Jason? You okay?" Percy asked, still not looking at anyone. He felt Riptide return to his pocket, his hand dipping in quickly to feel the reassuring weight of the pen.

"Yeah, I'm fine. What happened?" He asked the Poseidon-spawn. Percy let out a small puff of air. "This day just keeps getting better and better, 'ya know?" Percy finally, finally made eye contact once again. His eyes were...blank. They looked unresponsive and empty. The other three looked at him in confusion. "I find out my girlfriend has been cheating on me, that she's pregnant with another guy's baby, and then that my mother got drunk off her ass and my step-father is in a coma. And I'm not even allowed to see if she's okay or visit my step-dad because I'm a stupid fucking demigod and I can't leave this camp without drawing harm to them. Because I care about them and I can't manage to keep those I care about safe and by me." Percy was practically yelling at the air by the end of his rant.

"Percy-" "Fuck you, Poseidon!" Percy yelled. There was a dead silence. Will, Jason, and Nico's eyes widened almost in an almost cartoony way. The three frantically looked around for any signs of an angry sea god coming to smite Percy. "Percy, you can't just say that to a god." Will scolded softly. "I mean, it's true. If Poseidon could have kept his dick in his pants for long enough, the war with Luke wouldn't have happened, the war with Gaea wouldn't have happened, and my step-father probably wouldn't be in a coma right now. And....and I wouldn't exist." Percy's voice trailed off almost brokenly.

"Alright, cowboy. Let's get you back to your cabin to chill for a little bit." Jason finally broke the silence as he put a hand on Percy's shoulder and started steering him out of the arena and towards his cabin. Will and Nico remained behind. "What do-" "We need to go to Chiron and get permission for Percy to visit his step-father and mother." Will cut Nico off. "What? But it's... dangerous." Will rolled his eyes at Nico's remark.

"He's Percy Jackson, child of the Big Three, legendary demigod, and ultimate slayer of monsters. Literally anything is dangerous for him."

Nico had to chuckle a little at that. "True. C'mon, I'll go with you." And so, Will and Nico walked towards the Big House.

"I'm gonna go see Piper and then we'll both be back, okay, Percy? Just chill for a little bit." Jason suggested. Percy nodded and plopped on his bed, quickly laying in his back and staring at the ceiling. Jason stood there for a second, contemplating whether or not Percy would actually "chill". "Okay. Yeah. Piper and I will be back soon." Jason said before leaving. As soon as the son of Jupiter left the room, the voice in Percy's head came back stronger than ever.

You need to be strong, Percy. Don't let such foolish things like emotions keep you from achieving your highest potential. You have so many parts of your powers you have not unlocked yet....let them free. Find the cage in which your powers are locked in and break it open. The voice said. "How the hell am I supposed to unlock powers if I don't know what they are?" Percy said out loud. Go to the Athena cabin. There, there should be a book called "The Most of the Water". The horrid Athena-spawn May reject you from borrowing it. You must insist. There, you will find out more.

Without hesitation, Percy was walking through the cabin to the back door where Jason wouldn't be able to see Percy leaving his cabin from either the Zeus cabin or the Aphrodite cabin. He crept through the door, closing it quietly before going down the memorizes path to the Athena cabin.

It was the path he would take to get to Annabeth whenever it was past lights out.

Percy shook his head in determination. That's it, Percy. Forget all memories of her. She betrayed you. Use that anger as a source of energy. Use her failures as an accomplishment.

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