Mr. Popular and Me

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This is from the Christmas special part 2 where I skipped the scene- (Also, this is my first time writing this kind of thing so I'm sorry this is really bad)

Evan's POV

The house was silent whenever Waeland and I came back from our little "adventure". We had told the adults that we were going for a ride in the new car and they all let us go. We came back a lot later than expected due to the snow and ice, but when we got back, there were no cars in the driveway.

We unlocked the door to the house with the spare key I have and walked inside. The lights were off and no one seemed to be in the house. Waeland and I glanced at each other, but definitely for different reasons. Waeland's seemed more... Mischievous for some reason.

I walked further into the house, over to the table where I saw a piece of paper with a small not from my dad on it, saying that they all went to get a drink and that they would be back later tonight.

"That's so old-fashioned. Couldn't they have just texted us?" Waeland asked and I rolled my eyes at him.

"Not everyone relies on their cell phones for everything," I said and he just shrugged.

"Hey, at least we know we have the place to ourselves for a few hours..." He said and his attention turned towards me.

"I already know what you're thinking," I say, but before I could say anything else, Waeland was already bolting for the stairs.

"Whoever gets there first is top!" He shouted and I chased after him quickly, knowing that he was cheating because he knew he would lose. The asshole. He almost always gets top.

I chased him up the stairs and to my room, collapsing on my bed along with Waeland, who of course, was already in my room.

"I win, you know what that means," He said with a smirk and I shook my head and rolled on top of him, straddling his waist beneath me.

"You cheated, so technically I won," I smirked back and Waeland chuckled.

"Yeah, but I'm sexier."

"Too bad, my room, my rules," I whispered against his lips, which seemed to shut Waeland up.

His lips made their way to mine and I kissed back, loving the feel of his soft, warm lips. I could never get enough.

Our kiss became more passionate and his hand made its way up under my shirt, but I did the same to him. I slowly glided my hands up his sides, only breaking away our kiss whenever I removed his shirt from his body.

Waeland removed my shirt and I quickly found his lips once again, this time with more passion and want. Our lips moved in sync as my hand found its way to the button on his jeans.

I removed my lips from his and began to kiss down his neck while removing his pants from his body. My lips made their way down to his bare chest. My tongue found its way to his nipple and I teased it, making Waeland let out a groan of pleasure.

I smirked and continued leaving a trail of kisses and light marks down his body as my head made it just above the bulge in his boxers. Slowly I tugged down his undergarments, getting a full view of his erect member.

My mouth hovered over the head of his member for a teasing moment before my tongue stroked the tip, making Waeland let out another groan. Grabbing the base in my hand, my lips covered the tip and I began sucking slowly, but hard enough to make him moan with pleasure.

I made my way down, swallowing half of his erection on my mouth. I began to suck harder and started bobbing my head slowly up and down to pleasure him even more. Waeland's hand made its way to my hair and he tugged gently, making me moan lowly against his member. He moaned louder in return and I continued to move faster up and down his pole, now having him entirely in my mouth. My tongue stroked up and down his shaft roughly as I continued to bob my head even faster.

He moaned louder and I knew he was getting closer to his climax. He tugged on my hair again, making me moan, but before he could release I pulled away.

Waeland groaned in frustration, "Evan... Why did you-"

But before he could say any more, I captured his lips in another kiss. Waeland quickly accepted and flipped us around, taking his turn to take off my pants now. I felt relief whenever I could no longer feel the tightness of my jeans against my boner.

The kiss heated up and I didn't mind that Waeland was now on top of me, I teased him enough for cheating. Soon my pants were somewhere on the floor and so were my boxers.

I felt his lips move away from mine and I tried to follow, not wanting him to pull away just yet. But he stopped me as he reached into my nightstand drawer, pulling out a cylinder bottle and a squared wrapped item.

He popped open the bottle and squirted some of the liquid on his fingers. His forefinger and middle finger pressed up against my entrance, rubbing the cold lube against it. I let out a low moan at the familiar, yet odd feeling.

After a moment, Waeland slid the two fingers inside of me, making me moan louder. His fingers weren't nearly as pleasurable as him, but they still felt good. He began to thrust the fingers inside of me slowly but slowly picked up the pace. I moaned louder whenever he got closer to my sensitive spot. Waeland moved his fingers faster inside of me, stretching me out more with a third as I moaned.

"W-waeland.." I moaned his name, wanting him even more, not wanting to climax unless he was inside of me.

He hummed in response with a smirk on his face and he used his teeth and free hand to open up the condom he had pulled out of the drawer while he continued to thrust his fingers deeper inside of me, brushing again my prostate. I moaned louder and Waeland chuckled in response before pulling out his fingers.

"I know what you want, baby," He said before slipping on the condom. "What did you say about topping me?"

Waeland whispered against my lips as I felt his tip against my entrance. "Shut up," I muttered and I felt his tip enter me, making my moan again.

He smirked and moved his head down to my neck, kissing it roughly as he began to slowly push his length inside of me. I moaned louder the more he filled up inside of me. I couldn't explain the amount of pleasure I was feeling from him. But it only got better.

His thrusts started out slow while he waited for me to adjust to his member, but after a moment he started to pick up the pace. My moans became louder as I felt him thrust in and out of me faster and faster. He thrust deeper inside of me and I moaned loud whenever his tip hit against my sensitive spot.

He groaned and thrust faster and faster and hard into me, turning me into a moaning mess. I could feel his entire length completely inside of me, pounding against my prostate over and over again as I started getting closer.

"Ahh.. Faster~" I moaned and Waeland fulfilled my request, thrusting his member much faster in and out me. He grunted with each thrust and I could tell he was getting closer, too. I could feel the pit of my stomach getting tighter and he continued to thrust faster and harder until-

We both moaned out the others name as we both climaxed at the same time. Waeland began to slow down and my moans became quieter.

He laid down beside me and I took a moment to try and catch my breath, but it was no use. I wouldn't be able to calm down for a moment, same for Waeland.


"I love you," Waeland whispered softly in my ear, making me shudder.

"I love you, too," I mumbled back, cuddling up to his half-naked body under the sheets. He continued to play with my hair while I leaned against him, completely relaxed in his warmth.

Slowly I started to let my body start to drift off. I couldn't be happier and more relaxed than I am right now, in this moment with Waeland. I hope it will be like this forever. Just me and him, living happily together in our own little house or apartment, cuddling together in bed after a long day of work, holding each other close, wearing more than just promise rings.

That won't happen for a very long time... But when it does... I can officially say that there is a time that I was happier than right now.

I smiled softly at the thought, while I let myself completely drift away into my dreams.

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