The End of the Beginning

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5 months had passed in flying colors. Hardly a thing was the same. 

 The remaining constant was the wild one. She tended to shine the same colors time and time again. 

They stood outside in the bitter cold, cigarettes haphazardly hanging from their lips. Sarah wore all black now. She often wore a look of cold, hard indifference. But if anyone could bring the real Sarah out, it was Maddie. 

Maddie took a deep inhale letting the smoke drift lazily from her lips as she kicked at a pile of nearly melted snow with her black converse.  

"Sar, I really don't want things to change. This semester has been something from a dream" 

The two girls made eye contact and shared a knowing smile. 

Boy, had they been through a lot. This semester was a lifetime of its own. 

Their third party was leaving soon and the two were so scared to lose there small friend. She was something special. 

"I want to remember it all y'know Sar?" Sarah looked up at her best friend nodding as she stomped out her third cigarette of the night. 

You might wonder, what could possibly be so important for them to remember? Well, their life was a never-ending story, it deserved to be told time and time again. 

So, maybe we will start from the beginning, or the end, maybe even the middle. It will all be a mess just like their lives. 

but in the very best way. 

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