C H A P T E R 2

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"OOF.", I say as I fall straight on my butt.

"Now, who in the fucking hell puts a fucking wall in the middle of damn school?", I groaned out loud rubbing my behind. I hear a chuckle coming from above me.

"So, imma wall now?", the guy asks. I look up and I see light blue eyes staring at me.

"I-i-", I stuttered in awe of this Greek God standing right in front me. He had white-blonde hair, full pink lips, and the most sharpest jaw line I ever did see. I see his lips pull back into a smile and I was almost blinded by his teeth.

"Are you going to take my hand or no?', he asks with a laugh. If I was lighter my skin would be beet red. I shyly reach my hand out to grab his. He pulls me up and I come face to face with his chest. I mean I'm not even to his chin. Its a strong chin I must say.

"My eyes are up here.", he smirks.

I just can't stop embarrassing myself today, can I?

I finally crane my neck to be actually able to look into his eyes, which was difficult I must say.

"So what are you doing out of class?", he raised his eyebrows.

"I'm a new student and a freshman.", I said looking down.

"Ah. I see, let me see your schedule.", I hand him my schedule still looking at his Checkered Vans.

"Mrs. Dorris, for American History?", he says laughing.

"What do you mean?", I asked with my eyebrows furrowed.

"Nothing. You're going to absolutely love her, she's right down the hall", he says pointing down the hall.

"Thank You,", I say making my way down the hall.

I knock on the door and a student comes to unlock it.

"Well, well, well, look who finally decided to join us.", a middle-aged Smurf-built white woman asked.

"I-I'm so sorry.", I say apologetically.

"Yea, yea.", she says, "go sit next to De'kaya, De'kaya raise your hand.", she said.

Said girl raised her hand I quickly made my over to her.

"Finally another black girl here, they're either mixed, white, or Asian.", she said rolling her eyes.

"Well my name is De'kaya Kendrix and I'm 14. What about you?", she asked.

"Aaliyah Jones and I'll be 14 in a week.", I tell her.

"Nice! Sis, you and me are going to be great friends."

"Yea!", I agree with her.

That was how I met my new friend at this school.

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