Chapter 22

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As you had agreed going back with them one last time, here you were, squashed in the backseat of Jin's car.

The others excluding the maknae line had been showering you with questions, and when the situation had been elucidated, everyone fell quiet.

The tension in the air was thicker than Jin's lips.

Everyone sat in the living room, quiet and morose. You on the other hand, was internally shitting yourself.

Someone finally spoke up. ''Why are you suddenly leaving?'' Yoongi inquires blatantly, as the rest look up abruptly. ''You planning on baiting us out?''

''hey that's not-'' someone interrupts.

''QUIET'' Namjoon's voice boomed, cutting through the air like a knife. The dominance in his voice was insurmountable, immediately obliging everyone to fall quiet.

''Well then, Y/N...'' Namjoon faces you, his gaze locked firmly onto your face. ''I feel like maybe we have deprived you of certain things, like going places and shit so you ran off yesterday...but have we triggered you so bad you'd want to leave completely?''

You shake your head. ''No it's not guys have taken good care of me. It's just...I wasn't really planning on sticking around that long anyway, until I found a place, and I have. So, thank you for taking me in''

''...that place is better than ours?'' Hoseok asks sadly, and you start to feel bad. Should I just tell them the truth?

''No like I mean, I'm a liability for you guys-''

''You're not! We enjoy your fanTAEstic company...'' Jin says, but despite the dead pun, he didn't laugh.

You sigh. The full moon was literally tomorrow, and these guys weren't backing off.

I guess I have no choice.

''yeah, the only reason you enjoy my company is cuz I have delicious blood and I'm immune to your bites, huh? I bet if I were a human, you'd disregard me like Jisoo, but hey, why not sweet talk her and suck her up like we did the first time?''

Their mouths hang open with incredulity, and there's a silence that lingers in the air for a few moments. Head hung low, you stand up from your seat and leave the room, running up the stairs. You lean against the wall, taking deep breaths. shit...I cant believe I said that.

''The fucking blood? Is that what you thought all this time?'' Taehyung's deep voice speaks out, almost pissed. He walks towards you and faces you directly.

He pins you against the wall, trapping you with his body and blocking all escape routes. ''you say shit like that again, I'll punish you'' a low growl echoes in his words, showcasing his irritance.

You slowly meet his gaze, his bangs almost obscuring the blazing heat his eyes emanated. ''see? I bet you just want my blood right now, what else would your 'punishment' be? I-''

''Y/N?'' he says ''Shut up''

You don't have time to take a breath before his lips crash into yours, igniting thousands of sparks that set your body on fire. His tongue slips out to languidly slide across your lip, and you can't help but succumb to the forceful domination of his lips.

He pulls back, and you notice the light pink dusting his cheeks.

''Feel my heart...'' he grabs your arm and slides it under his shirt. ''It doesn't beat, yet I still feel all these emotions...''

As your hand makes contact with his bare body, you feel your fingertips tingle in ecstasy, quivering at it's softness. His skin which was usually cold seemed to warm up a bit.

You abruptly bump your head onto his chest. ''why are you making it so hard for me to leave?'' you whisper.

''Because I don't want you to leave for that asshole. Are you going to sleep with him too?''


''Shut up...'' he rolls his eyes. ''But if you really want to leave... I won't stop you'' he sighs.

A frown adorned his angelic features, as if he was thinking of something he disliked. ''thank you...'' you say softly.

''Wait'' he says. ''I know you'll miss me so...'' he rips off his shirt, exposing his tummy. ''you can touch me wherever you want'' he grins, as your face brims a rich shade of scarlet.

''Hey hey no fair! You're having her all to yourself?'' Jimin calls, running up the stairs.

''Y/N, you can touch me too'' Jimin flings his shirt off too, his chocolate abs full on display.

You squeak, gliding past their shirtless bodies and stumble downstairs. Hoseok spots you and hurries towards you, taking hold of your hand. ''Y/N...although what you said was partly true at first, we didn't think of you like that later on. I'm so sorry!'' he wailed.

''w-well I guess I did put it a bit too harshly...sorry'' you sheepishly smile, scratching your nape.

''But are you sure?'' Jin confirms, his soft eyes glazed with concern. You nod lightly.

Yoongi clears his throat. ''Sorry for the times I been a asshole, stay sweg Y/N'' he flashes you a thumbs up. ''but if you bait us out, you're dead''

''noted'' you grin.

''You'll still hang out with us in school though, yeah?'' Jungkook asks, his doe eyes glinting.

''And visit us sometimes...'' Namjoon adds. You smile. ''of course!''

But you weren't sure how much truth those words contained.

It was beginning to get dark. You had goofed around with them for a while now, and the time for you to leave was getting closer. You step outside for some fresh air.

The sun cast it's golden rays upon the clouds of billowing smoke, turning them bright red.

A couple of hours later...the moon will emerge from the sky. And I will transform..

As you watch the fiery golden orb sink into the horizon, a figure creeps up behind you.

''Beautiful, huh?'' Taehyung's deep voice muttered, as you tilt your head. The golden rays cast shadows of luminescence onto his honey glazed face, and you couldn't help but stare. A sight that was going to be engraved into your mind.

''yeah'' you sigh.

You relish the sight while it lasted, drinking in every detail of his face.

You weren't even going to deny it.

Perhaps maybe you did like him a little.

So you were going to make the last move.

''Taehyung...?'' you call softly, as he tilts his head. ''yeah?''

''Can you bite me?''


''ooooh yah baby'' he whispers

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''ooooh yah baby'' he whispers

jk lol

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