Chapter 25

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Life or Death Situations

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Jake's POV:

I scooped Lilly off the floor and busted out of that war. She was bleeding uncontrollably. I loaded the van with her and screamed at the driver, "GO!!!!" and he took off. On every turn the whells screeched. Lilly had a weak pulse and she was barely hanging onto her life. "Stay with me. Please. Don't go." I said tears bursting off my face. I don't care that I'm a guy, the love of my life is about to die. I hold the right to cry. Her eyes were snapped shut. Every couple minutes she would jolt up searching for air.

The van came to a stop and I was in the Head Quarters Hospital in under 15 seconds. "Help. She was shot in the back. She's dieing." I yelled as doctors pulled her away.

The opperating room had a window to it where close family and friends could see the outcome. I stood in front of the window watching the doctor's hard ar work.


Her heart only beat every 5 seconds. Whole seconds. I saw the operator yelling viciously at the other doctors. He worked extremely fast.


The pressure was killing me. Soon enough Mrs. Williams was by my side sobbing erratically. I didn't even notice her presence. We both watched as the one person who ment the world to us slowly faded away. One by one, Josh, Kaitie, John, and Chris showed up. The last one to arrive was Chris with Mr. Williams to his right.


Her heartbeats were getting further apart. I was afraid for the odds she wouldn't open her eyes to see another day. I listened carefully for her next heartbeat but it didn't come. The doctors took out the electric shock things that are supposed to keep someone alive. It was over and I couldn't help her. She was gone. I ran up to the closest wall and punched it as hard as I could. My fist went straight through. Yes I had anger, but what was reallg getting to me was the depression. I saw a room close by. I ran in it and slammed the door shut. It seemed as though nobody was in there. I slid down the wall with my head in my palms. It was my fault she died. I was supposed to being covering her. If I would have done my job right she wouldn't be gone right now. "Lilly, Come back!" I tried yelling but my troat was shot from the tears. I tried staying strong, I couldn't. I got up and was about to start pacing around the room when the door opened and Josh came in. "She did." I knew exactly what he meant. A smile spread across my face as teaes of joy strolled down. We both hugged for a breif moment. It wasn't a sobbing, girly hug. It was a more like a chest bump and a pat on the back.

I rushed out the doors with Josh close behind. I looked around as everyone in the room was crying of joy. I looked into the opperating room, through the windows.




Her heart was at a steady pace! She really did come back. I looked to Mr. Williams. His head in his hands tears silently dripping off his check alothoigh he tried not to make it noticable. "It's true. She really is alive." I said in disbelief. I looked through the window at her curly brown and angelic face. How does she always seem to look amazing. Even on the verge of death, she looked so beautiful. All I wanted to do was run in there and craddle her in my arms. Tell her evrything was going to be okay. There were a couple problems with that though.

1. I wasn't aloud in the opperating room.

2. It would probably hurt her more that help her.

3. She wasn't awake to hear me or seem me.

"I talked to the doctor. He said she is in a coma. It could be a while untill she wakes up." Mrs. Williams said with tear stained cheeks and puffy eyes. I could tell she was holding back a sob. She realized that I saw this. I opened my arms and let her cry on me. "Why? Why my family? What did she ever do to deserve this?" she said banging on my chest with her fists, but she was weak from the tears. I was tearing up as well, but I refused to let it out.

Mrs. Williams scrambled away. "I'm sorry about that Jake. Thank you." she said almost embarrassed before running off somewhere. I went to the front desk and asked where Lilly's room was. "She is in room 424. There's only 30 minutes left of visiting hours so please be quick." The kind lady said with a smile. I ran up all the stairs to get to her room. The hospital wasn't that big. It was connected to the main Headquarters. It was about 15 rooms long on each side of the hallway and only 4 stories high. This is the most advanced hospital in the world except nobody knows about because only high level spies can find it or enter. It keeps it hidden and safe for spies to use.

I approached Lilly's room without a second of hesitation. I walked in and sat I the chaor next to her bedside. I know she can hear me, even in a coma. "Lilly, I love you so much. You know you scared me today. Please don't do that again. I cried multiple times and I don't cry often. I even damages a wall of a spy hospital. Damn Lilly, I thought you were gone. I can't live without you. Please wake up soon." and I left it at that. I grabbed her hand and reasted my head against it. In books and movies people would do these sorts of this and the person would just wake up. I, on the other hand, had no such luck. "Visting hours are over. You can come back tomorrow." said a man in scrubs checking each room for people.

I walked back to my dorm. On the way I stopped by Lilly's dorm. I missed her so damn much.


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