Knowing that she has very little time to tell Lilla about Lizzie's party before it's too late, Nyla must act carefully. The risk of having to deal with her eldest's sister bad mood is too high to be understimated, but there's no other choice. She's still underage so she can't make a decision such as going to a party packed with adults on her own.

She's shaking as she picks her phone, tapping hesitantly on it and waiting for Lilla's response, hoping that she'll be at least a little polite.


Conversation between Nyla and Lilla

Nyla: Hi Lilla. Can we talk?

Lilla: What exactly do you want? I have better things to do than still keeping an eye on you. You're not a child anymore. Grow up.

Nyla: You're just a filthy bitch, let me tell you. I just wanted to ask you to let me go to a party, but I guess your answer is fucking no. Never mind. I'll ask the others. Bye.

Lilla: Suit yourself.

End of the conversation


Furious for being unable to talk to Lilla in a civil manner, Nyla decides to ask Liah about the party, hoping that she'll be far more polite.


Conversation between Nyla and Liah

Nyla: Hey Liah, it's me, Nyla. Can we talk?

Liah: What do you want from me?

Nyla: Well, I have to go to a party, and I need someone to give me permission to go. Is it a problem if I go?

Liah: Whose party is it?

Nyla: It's Lizzie's.

Liah: Are you sure she's actually throwing a party?

Nyla: She said she's going to throw a housewarming party. She moved out of her mom's last month.

Liah: Cool. But is Lilla okay with it?

Nyla: Fuck that bitch. I don't need her permission. She isn't Mom.

Liah: You're damn right.

Nyla: 😃

Liah: Though, I have to ask Lizzie if there is actually a party. I want to make sure that you're not lying.

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