Chapter 1

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A cry of pain shook the dark cavern. She couldn't contain it any longer. The pain was too strong, she was too weak. Her love urging her to keep going until suddenly, two small cries join her.


Bloom woke up with a start. Her red hair was matted with sweat. Her heart pounding painfully before settling back to a normal heartbeat. What was that?

It was only just a dream but it felt more like a vision. But she only heard the voices and it was so dark. She felt her powers draining. Her heart kept beating at a fast pace. But what scare Bloom the most was, she realize it was her screaming in pain. What did it mean? Was that Sky urging her to keep going? What were those small cries? It sounded like babies... Impossible! Sky and I are not planning to have a baby for a couple of years from now.

Bloom lay her head back on her pillow. Maybe Ms. Faragonda would know what to do. Bloom sigh and heard the person next to her stir. She turn her head to the left and smile. Sky was her husband. It felt weird for Bloom to think they were actually living together, but it was very wonderful. She loves it when it is night, she would snuggle up to him. Bloom gingerly touch his chest, his muscles rippling under her touch. She slowly trace her finger down to his stomach, tracing the outline of his abs.

"God, you are so sexy right now. The more you are going to do it, the more I want you," Sky said softly. Bloom yelp in surprise which quickly turn into laughter as Sky flip her underneath him. "I can't believe we been marry for 3 months now."

"Me either, I still think our wedding was only yesterday," Bloom nodded in agreement. Her face suddenly fell.

"So, you're going. Can't you send your father in your place?" Bloom asked.

Sky sigh, pushing a strand of her hair away from her face.

"Bloom, I have to go, you know it is important I meet with the Council of the Leaders. My father made it clear, he'll only go if Earkylon is in danger. Besides he is on a trip to visit the Southern Borders of Earkylon. Supposedly, there was a riot that destroy at least 50 homes. The repairs will go underway when he gets there, he's good at keeping everything organize and calm," he reasoned with his wife.

"Then, take me with you! It'll be very lonely here without you," Bloom pouted.

"They have already voted that you should not be allow again after the last meeting. Remember, Icy barged into the Council's main chamber filled with Leaders across the Dimensions and almost froze the entire building in solid ice. If Icy was there to attack you again if you come, the Council will be attack. Then more of your enemies will come and try to destroy you. They don't care about you, Bloom, they only care about their own safety. I try to reason with them, they just don't understand. Thankfully, we have allies on the council that wishes you were still part of it," Sky said kissing her forehead.

"I know," Bloom answered, "we might as well eat breakfast before you head out."

"Or we could something like not go down." Sky gave her a devilish grin. His wife raise a skeptical brow.

"Really, what have you had in mind, my King?" Bloom teased him, trailing her fingers in his hair.

"Well, it goes something like this." With that, Sky pull the bed covers over them.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Readers, you, can figure out what ensue underneath those covers.

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