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I was ready for the party.
I knew Todd was coming but I didn't want to really be there. David was coming home later tonight at 10-12.

I will admit that I am scared to be around Todd. Anyways.

"Knock knock" the door goes

I open it to everyone. Even Todd

I thought it would be okay but later on it wouldn't.

I just talk to people as far away from Todd as I can wishing David was here. I miss him but he would be here soon. I just kept telling myself that.

Todd kept staring at me. This is were I panic. I go up to heath

"Heath, if anything goes wrong, call David and tell him what happens and that I love him. Todd not giving me the best vibes." I say to Heath

"Don't worry, I'm not gonna let anything happen to you Mmkay"


I believed him. At the moment I did.
I turn away from Heath to walk into me and David's bedroom.

Todd follows.

I walk into the room and I'm suddenly grabbed by the waist.

"Stoping the party a lil soon huh?" Todd says

Tears start coming from my face.

He pushes me in the room and he starts to get angry. He starts to hit me a little. Telling me how bad of a person I am

"You know before you got with David, he hated you, before you guys were together he was disgusted by you." Todd screams

"That's not true" I say crying.

"It's all to true holly."

I walk out of the room getting away from him as fast as I can. He chases after me and I run out we're everyone is.
"Help!" I scream everyday gets Todd. And I start to black out

Heath pov
After holly backed out I remembered I would call David. I was trying to help holly up as much as I could I was just so frustrated.

The phone started ringing. He had finally picked up the phone

"Hello" his voice says

"David holly is blacked out and todd has done things to holly" I say panicked

"WTF DID HE DO TO HER, I'm on my way almost home"

"David it's bad." I say

"Is she okay what happened" he says worried more than I've ever seen him.

"Just get here ASAP."

I hang up the phone and holly is still blacked out.

David comes in and looks at holly. Marks all over her and blood.

He finds Todd

David pov
After seeing holly like this I lost it. I wanted to kill Todd. She looked awful with all her red prints on her.

I found him.

I run up and push him to the wall

"Get the f* out of my house before I call the police."
I say

He slaps me
I punch him

And he runs away.

Dang it's getting juicy

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