Chapter 16 - Three Words...Well Four Actually

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A few days later...

(Annabelle's POV)

I wasn't prepared to face Peter in school, I had been avoiding him since that night at Gwen's. I was so worried he would question what I was going to say after he said he loves me. The funny thing is I didn't even know what I was going to say. If Gwen hadn't walked in I probably would've just froze and not know what to do. I mean I knew what I wanted to say but I wasn't sure if I could say it or not. Without really having a choice, I grabbed my book bag and walked over toward school. I watched the ground as I walked, it was a weird habit I had picked up years ago.  I haven't mentioned it before because I only do it when I'm alone and well I suppose I should be used to walking to school alone.


The first couple periods of the day went by in a flash. I couldn't focus in any of them. Thankfully, only two more classes remained. I hadn't seen Peter which made me feel so relieved but also sad. I was having an internal conflict with myself on whether or not I should talk to him. This is what has been distracting me all day. Why did I have to fall in love? Why now? I glanced over at the clock, the bell was about to ring so I started to place my belongings into my bag. I stood up, grabbed my text books just as the bell went off and hurried out the door, the quicker I get to my next class, the less of a chance I'll have seeing Peter. Only then did it dawn on me, that I had English next. Peter was in my English class. There's no avoiding him now. I sighed and looked down at the ground as I was walking. Except this caused me not to be able to see, so I walked right into someone and dropped my books. Did I forget to mention I've been trying to break this habit of looking at the ground? The person who I bumped into picked up my books. It was Peter. I wanted to run.

"Here you go." He handed me my books.

"Thanks." We both walked off into the direction of our English class. Peter stopped walking before we entered the classroom. I paused, knowing exactly where this was going.

"Can I talk to you for a minute?" He asked. Shit, here we go, this is what I've been trying to avoid all day. There's no escaping now, I just gotta rip off the band-aid. I nodded slowly. "So about the other night, you were going to say something," He paused. "What was it?" He asked. I hesitated. The internal conflict came back and I started to panic.


Students came running around the corner screaming, followed by the roar of a monster. I sighed with relief, I still had time to figure out what I was going to say. Thank you for allowing me to procrastinate more. Peter looked worried as he glanced down the hall.

"Go." He instructed.

"What?" I asked.

"Get out of here, it's Connors." I turned and saw the giant lizard. I took off running, following the crowd of students. I was occasionally stepped on and shoved. But instead of following the others outside, I turned a corner and let the crowd run by me. I stayed there for a good two minutes just thinking. I knew what I wanted to say to Peter but why couldn't the words leave my mouth. I have to tell him. This is an idiotic idea but I'm going through with it anyways. I ran back in the direction I came from, back to where I had stood with Peter. I wanted, no needed to see Peter as Spider-Man. I wanted to see him fight. By the time I got back to where I left Peter, the hallway was already destroyed. Peter and Connors were nowhere to be found. I ran around frantically looking as to where they might be and found yet another hallway destroyed. The lockers were all dented, hell one was even half missing. There was a giant hole in the wall, that led right into the library. Well I wonder what caused that. All the shelves and books were knocked over. I saw a man putting some books away and I tapped him on the shoulder. He removed his headphones as he turned to face me.

"Excuse me, but you didn't happen to see Spider-Man and a giant lizard come through here did you?" I asked. He looked at me like I was crazy.

"No, sorry." He responded.

"Thanks anyways." Damn it Peter, where are you? I left the library and continued looking around. Until I saw him. I saw Peter running down the hall in his Spider-Man suit. Luckily I didn't see Connors anywhere. "Peter!" I shouted.

"Annabelle?" Peter asked shocked. "I thought I told you to leave the school. It's dangerous right now." He said and I rolled my eyes, crossing my arms.

"Oh boo hoo, I can take care of myself." I declared.

"What about the times I've saved you?" He pointed out. I went to respond but realized he was right.

"A valid point but not an important one at the moment." I concluded. I looked around. Where's Connors?" I asked. Peter shook his head.

"I don't know, I lost him." He explained. This is my opportunity to say it, not the best moment but it's now or never. "You need to leave here. It's still not safe." He said. Ok maybe not right now.

"Alright, alright I'm going." I walked away heading towards the exit. I was already a good distance away when I stopped. This is wrong, I can't keep putting this off. If I do I'll never tell and I could lose him forever. I need to tell him, though. "Peter, wait!" I shouted and ran towards him. He stopped and turned around, just in time to catch me.

"What?" He asked.

"To answer your question," I pulled off his mask, revealing his surprised face.

"I love you, too." I answered and kissed him.


Ooo Anna finally said she loves Peter! *Squeals*

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