Chapter 7.

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Blu scrunched his napkin up and placed it in a nearby bin, and told Oscar and the rest to follow him to assembly, so down the corridors they went until they reached the hall and took their seats.

Mr Green coughed loudly to gain the chattering cluster of boys' attention, there being around five hundred of them in total, all in a singular, cramped school hall. Silence fell on the room, and after waiting a couple seconds of nothing, chatter arose again, making Oscar feel as though his chest was vibrating.

Mr Green turned red in the face, and puffed himself up.
"Silence, boys!" he roared, lowering the talking to a light whisper before fading away completely. Unfortunately, at the back of the hall, there was a crumple of paper, a sharp thwack.
"Ow!" he yelled, rubbing the back of his head and scowling at the hundreds of pairs of eyes that had turned to face him.

It became clear to the boys that someone had thrown a ball of paper at the younger's head. A snicker from the left; a repressed giggle in the middle; someone snorting in the back corner and soon the whole audience of boys was in fits of laughter over the tiny action. Laughter kept their minds off of the misery of Ivywood Academy, so every little joke, no matter how dumb and childish, was hilarious. At this point, Mr Green was beginning to look like a tomato- round, and very, very red.

"If you boys aren't silent by the time I count to three, you're all on isolation tomorrow, and no one is allowed out until after half term!" he yelled.


"Thank you. As it is a new year, I will be going over the rules for any newcomers-- I know we have a couple-- and explaining the plan for the rest of the year."

The assembly droned on for what seemed like eternity, with Mr Green rambling about shirts being tucked into trousers and a sports day planned for the summer months; news of which brought upon a pretty split reaction. The boys that loves working on their muscles and fitness cheered in delight, whilst, well, the not so sporty ones (including Oscar) all groaned and rolled their eyes.

Another thing mentioned was not wetting toilet paper and throwing it at the ceilings becuase 'the school does not need new decoration, not after we've just had it painted'.

The shrill bell sounded five times, signalling the end of first period, and the assembly. All at once, hundred of boys stood up and shuffled out of their seats with their bags at awkward angles. Through the loud conversations, Mr Green failed to tell the boys that the bell does not dismiss them, he does.

It took around two minutes to get from the hall to the drama room, which was more of an extention to the canteen that a classroom. There were no tables or chairs, just a grey floor with random coloured speckles here and there.

At the front of the room, there's stood the teacher, black hair in a high ponytail with a beaming smile that oozed with enthusiasm for the subject of drama. Once all the boys were sat on the floor, the teacher changed her smile to curiosity about Oscar.

"Ooh, boys! It appears we have a new student here," she spoke happily waving her arms around like a maniac, "And what's your name?" Oscar felt his cheeks burn- he hated being called on in lessons.
"Oscar. Oscar Knorsberry." he mumbled and shuffled about a little on the floor.

The grinning teacher rubbed her hands together and beamed at everyone in the room.
"Well boys, as you all know... Oscar you probably don't, my name is Mrs Thomas and I will be your drama teacher for this year." Blu leaned over and whispered in Oscar's ear.
"She's gonna do a rerun of all the rules for her lessons, bet you a fiver."

Oscar mentally rooted through his wallet in his dorm when Mrs Thomas began telling the boys what she expects of them:

All gum is to be spat out and placed in the bin (not on the doors or skirting boards).

No talking when the teacher is talking.

Raise your hand to talk.

Refer to the teacher as 'Miss' and nothing else.

Blazers on hooks outside the room as the drama room can get very warm.


Stay on task.

An instruction of which, the boys of Ivywood Academy found very difficult to follow. For example:

Instruction: Complete at least six questions by the end of the lesson.

Things Completed: Hacked the teacher's Facebook whilst someone else made a mini documentary on their phone about drawing fallics in textbooks.

See? Impossible quest.

"For our task today, I just want you to get into groups of three, and spend some time creating a piece just introducing yourselves. You must tell us a fact about yourselves, whether it be your hobby or the last time you went to the loo. I don't care. Just whatever. Go on, get into groups."

Mrs Thomas turned her back on the hits and began typing something up on her laptop whilst the boys scuttled around inot groups and found rehearsal spaces. Well, some boys got into groups. The others just stood about chatting, probably becuase the task did not require a lot of thought.

Blu, Cain and Oscar began working on their piece, deciding that Cain would go first, then Blu, then Oscar to finish off. Speaking in front of people wasn't a huge problem for Oscar, but the judgemental glares were- it was his first lesson on his first day at a new school, he had to fit in as much as possible so he wouldn't become a target for abuse.

Fifteen minutes after the task had begun, Mrs Thomas called them all over to sit down so, one by one, they could perform to the class. It wasn't a particularly hard task so things went pretty smoothly as Oscar's groups time grew nearer.

"And last group before break... Cain, Blu and... Oh what was it? Oliver?" Mrs Thomas announced.
Oscar tried his hardest not to roll his eyes.
"Its Oscar." he muttered.
"Ah yes, very sorry Oscar. Get to your performance then." Mrs Thomas.

Their performance went as expected- underwhelming, but not tragic. Blu told everyone about his amazing cookies, Cain mentioned his hatred for the subject of French and Oscar spoke about his interest in being a musician, which earned him a couple of questioning looks off of the boys in front of him.

Once again, five bells sounded and all boys rushed out of the room to collect their blazers and hurry away from the classroom as fast as possible.


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