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In the group chat will be
- Corbyn

                   PLAN TO KILL KENZIE
Johnny boiiii 💗💗💗- loving the gc name
Carson👑: of course you do
                              You:who changed the name?
Laur🤪❤️: definitely not me
Bean🤗💗: ooo beef
Cammy 🙃💚: yh Yh. How's it going with you and Johnny, y/n?
                            You: great why'd you ask?
Cammy🙃💚: the whole fiasco that happened
Johnny boiiii💗💗💗: Yh we are good
Bean🤗💗: you know John. If you didn't ask out y/n. I might of stolen her from you 😏
Johnny boiiii💗💗💗: hilarious
Bean🤗💗: I ain't joking
                             You: how's the band? I miss them. Especially Jonah. He was like a brother to me 😪
Bean🤗💗: they miss you too. Come back to Uk while we are only there for 1 more year.
                             You: I'm only coming back on October 18th
Bean🤗💗: we're leaving on October 31st basically Halloween
                             You: 13 days together. Yayyy
Johnny boiiii💗💗💗: y/n I'm coming home in 10 minutes if your worried at all 🤷🏼‍♂️
                            You: your so cute ❤️ of course im missing you so much.

Ring! Ring!
Your POV
Why is corbyn ringing me? Oh well I'll answer it.
You: hi what's up
Corbyn: the boys wondered why they weren't on the gc.
You: you can add them. Idk why they aren't tbh.
Corbyn:okay now they're excited
You: can I talk to them?
Corbyn: of course GUYS Y/N WANTS TO TALK TO YOU!!!!!
Daniel: omg hi y/n I miss you so much
You: I miss you too dani boy
Zach: y/nnnnnnnnn omg I'm so lonely without you. Cristina isn't good for Corbyn. You should date him make him happy
You: zach I have a boyfriend technically. Tell Corbyn to break up with Christina if it's a toxic relationship. I miss youuuu
Jack: yoo what's poppin
You: never say that again. I miss you and your noodle hair
Jack: no not the noodle hair.
You:haha. Where's Jonah?
Jack: he's out
You: what? Why? Okay I need to go Corbyn text me his new number I'll call him myself
Corbyn: sure thing and I'll make our own group chat instead of adding them guy to the other one. I'll leave as well coz i think your boyfriend is uncomfortable.
You: no he's not. He just gets protective easily. It's cute. You can stay on the chat
Corbyn: trust me y/n you can't persuade me out of this. And btw before you leave I'm breaking up with Christina. She cheated on me with someone called caden
You: please tell me it's not my cousin. God.
Okay now I really have to go bye
Corbyn: bye love you
You: love you too. Mwah!
Corbyn: silly child

You waited for Johnny to come home but he still didn't come. It was now currently 16;20
And Johnny said he would be home at 16:00
I've already called him 13 times. What if something bad happened to him?

Johnny PoV
Where am I?

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