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Welcome to the pilot chapter of MY ROBOTIC BOYFRIEND.

You may continue...

Ivy's pov

Ordering a boyfriend was far more easier than brushing your teeth, especially when that Boyfriend happens to be a robot.

My name is Ivy Fisher and here I am seated crossed leg on my bed with my laptop Infront of me and my soda beside me as I filled in the application form.

Application form for what? You might be wondering, or not... But I'll tell you anyway.

I wanted- no, wanted doesn't suffice. I needed a boyfriend, the perfect Boyfriend, my perfect Boyfriend. The one I had always fantasized about. my dream lover.

It is difficult to get boyfriends these days, especially in a school called ICHS where all the boys in highschool were taken by one bitch or another. By the way, the full meaning of ICHS was 'Ice cream Highschool' crazy right? I mean, who wakes up in the morning and just name a school, ice cream?

Well who ever did that was making a hell lot of money because no ordinary kid goes there, ICHS was for the rich, the prim and proper, the evil mean girls and the hot as hell jocks, the unimpressed and unwilling teachers... Trust me, ICHS was filled with drama!

So, back to my reason for wanting a boyfriend. It's senior year and I wanted to change Somethings in my life, my best friend Janie, was dating her long time crush, Kyle Huxley, the most hottest guy in our class and probably the whole of ICHS.

The first day of senior year wasn't really good for me, I felt like a freaking third wheel... Of course! I'm a third wheel... In everything, and when I mean everything, it includes my parents... They were both so lovey dovey on each other, going on vacations to beautiful places while they leave their only daughter to rot in a house that was too big for her tiny toe of a body.

Not cool.

In all, I was jealous, jealous of all the freaking couples! Everywhere I go I see them all around me, walking, talking, kissing, jogging, eating ice cream from the same cone, laughing, playing... It was so frustrating! Even my dog, Troy was having a relationship with our neighbors dog Solace... I know, who on earth would name their dog Solace? I mean, come on? Ya ran out of names or something?

I kinda needed my own Boyfriend, the perfect guy who would make all girls and gays in ICHS jealous of me!

So, here I am, filling out the application form for a robotic boyfriend, I surfed Google for robotic companies that made robots look like people! That's crazy? Yeah, I was thinking the exact same thing twenty minutes ago, but when I came across 'Your human robotic choice Inc,' all thoughts of being crazy, vanished into thin air.

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