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" S-stay back!" Carl, the Mc Donald's employee, pleaded to the ravenous monster in front of him.

It hung its head low to the tiled floor, saliva oozed from its jaws and hit the floor in tiny pellets.

It growled at him in warning, baring it's once white teeth in his direction. They were now stained dark crimson.

His crimson.

His blood.

Carl clutched his bloodied nub were his arm once was attached to him. He let out a shaky whimper when the pain shot up his chest area.

This was bad. He needs proper treatment or he would get an infection. But how could Carl, a 25-year old fast food worker be able to escape this monster?

He had a certain set of abilities but none so far he could think of to get him out of this situation.

He should've stayed home in his day off. He should've called Samantha and took her out to see that Trolls movie she wanted to see so badly.

Carol felt his vision blur over as hot tears streamed down his face.

It was his fault he was in this mess all because he needed the extra money for rent this month.

His fault that this...beast was staring at him as if he was a burger on display.

He couldn't contain his emotions and let out all the anger and guilt he tried so desperately to keep it silent.

Why bother? He was going to die anyway. 

Carol heard a snarl and readied himself for the thing to finish him off. For his neck to be set ablaze in pain as those teeth to rip into his flesh.

But it never came.

Instead, something cool pressed up against his cheek and wiped away his tears.

Was he imagining this? He for sure that he should be dead now..so..why isn't he?

Carol dared himself to pry his eyes open and when he did he froze on the spot.

Staring him straight in the eyes...was a girl?

He couldn't tell for sure because his vision was tunneling and his eyelids were getting heavier by the second.

But...this was for sure a girl. She had a full head of thick hair that fell far beyond her shoulders.

He could also make out a pair of lips that were curved down. Was she mad? But that's when Carol realized that the coolness he was feeling...was her hand in his cheek.

He watched as the girl lips parted and whispered something incoherent before he felt that same cool sensation throughout his body.

Then he was consumed in darkness.

You sigh in relief when the worker caved in and fell asleep. Don't get the wrong idea he didn't die! You just put him under a sleep spell so that the healing process wouldn't bother him too much.

You take a moment to process what just happened. Sparing a glance at you're scratched up hands with a puzzled gaze ". I finally did it...I matured." You mumble.

It was only a matter of time before you were able to shift between forms but you didn't know when it was going to happen.

Hell, not even your brother knew when he was going to happen. He always said that it all depends on the mind and the soul of the creature.

Whether they were ready or not.

" Big Bro...." You whispered quietly. After all these years alive why would you forget him? How could you forget him?!

How...it was so long ago but it felt like this all happened yesterday. That memory...why could you recall it now of all times.

And why save the man that tried to take Kid away? What's up with that? He showed some signs of second-guessing his decision on pulling to trigger.

But he panicked and if it wasn't for you tearing his arm off.

Kid...would be dead.

' Maybe' you ponder ' he reminded me how scared brother was when he knew he was gonna leave me?'

Is that why you helped him? God, why are you so clueless recently.

You shake your head and dip your hands in a puddle of water before splashing some on your face.

Slapping your cheeks with your hands " Focus."

Scavenging around you find a room stashed with coats and other belongings scattered around in cubbies.

" Must be the break room. Good, I need some clothes and a hat if I'm lucky." You searched around and stumble upon a matching grey trench coat and a fedora in one of the yellow cubbies labeled 'Carol'.

" Thanks, Carol ill give them back" you swiftly change and exit the restaurant, keeping up a good pace so no one would get suspicious of a barefooted trenchcoat wearing human in the middle of February.

Off in the distance, you hear police sirens vastly approaching. 'Wait' you tell yourself 'not yet'.

You can see blaring red and blue lights coming up the hill.

' Not yet'

Police cars speed past your being and towards their destination. The keep coming 'well at least their not the FBI' another car, bigger than the rest, follows them in pursuit.

With big bold white letters that read " FBI" and their logo on the van, door brushes past the street.

" shit."

That's your signal for the day. You break out into a sprint and dash across the snow-covered streets. Making your way into the forest for cover as you make your escape. 

Jumping over bits of chain link fences and fallen down trees that crossed your path with ease, you haul ass following the scent of the boys to their house.

Your heart was racing a mile a minute as you run through meadows.

" Gotta beat the boys home "  you gasped.

" Have to beat them there!' You let out a howl as you leap onto a cliff, claws retracted and sank deep into the cold flesh of the earth.

Climbing up the severed mound you reach the top but your foot slipped and you end up rolling down the hill.

" Ahhhhnotthisshitagaiiiiiinn!!" You hollered as the snow built up around your figure. You know how in the movies when you roll down a snowy hill you turn into a snowball.

You officially joined that club.

The snowball levitated off the steep hill and starts bouncing on and off the ground. With you exclaiming "Ow's" every time you hit something.

The ball came to a stop by crashing into a stone surface violently throwing you and snow everywhere.

" Owww" growling softly you hoist yourself up and dust off remaining snow off the jacket.

" What did hit?" You groaned as you shake your head " Felt like a tone of bricks- oh my God!"

You smile wide at the house before you. You did it you made it home! And you beat the boys to it.

You managed to enter through the back after picking the lock and shed the coat off and stuffing somewhere to hide for now.

Heading back out to retrieve the hat you barely made it out when you heard a soft 'click' then the front door opened. 

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