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it's funny because the date in the last chapter was wrong, i legit just changed it to '19' since it was at '18' lmao.

anyways, i actually listened to fuck tons of subliminals last night. i slept to them overnight too.

i listened to boosters and blockage removals, and these one's that are called flush, (they go into the same category).
i then i listened to some new subliminals, as well as the ones i already had.

so when i woke up today, i felt tired and shit, but later on i felt a little productive so i got in the shower.

i then caught my body in the mirror in the bathroom and i looked so much skinner than usual, like wtf! i could see where my ribs kinda marked through my body a little, and when i turned, the shadow on my stomach dipped in and made my stomach look like i was forming some sort of abs? like...helloooo!

i'm starting to love my body more. which is good for my mind.

i've lost appetite too, which i guess you could say is bad because i'm not eating as much. but i am eating in the end. so i'm not starving myself.

as i'm writing this, i haven't had anything and i feel completely fine, no grumbles or anything, but i probably will soon eat just to make sure my stomach isn't trying to fuck me over.

also, for some reason, my hair has grown way longer than like, last week and my hair doesn't grow do fast. i haven't even listened to any hair growth subliminals. i've only listened to that beauty combo and a few others.

i'm also now taking a lip subliminal now to make them look a little bigger and pinker, and that was only yesterday and i've already got some good results with them being pinker, my bottom lip looking fuller a little too!

my results really are coming together tbf, and it's crazy.

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