Demanding Dreams

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"What took you so freaking long?" I holler as Alisha walks through the door with a parcel of food in her hands.

I eye the white plastic bag filled with food and wheel myself closet to her, crying when my hands suddenly get stuck in between the chair and the wheel.

Alisha's eyes go wide as she sees my pathetic state. She drops the bag without thought and runs to aid me.

Do not cry, Krithi.

You cannot cry when two lives are depending on you., I tell myself. Alisha places her hands on my stuck arm, slowing pulling it out of the wheelchairs' clutches.

"Took you long enough." I murmur in pain. She shakes her head, turning her back to me to obtain the food from where she dropped it.

In that moment, I clutch my right arm, grateful for having it on my body.

There's a few bleeding scratches, but it will heal. With time, any wound can mend. Our brain and our body could only remember so much.

I close my eyes again, trying to calm myself. "Krithi?" Alisha suddenly voices, her back still facing me.

"Yes?" I growl, trying to keep the sadness from my voice.

"You aren't really good at acting or hiding things." She pauses, as if thinking. "Has anyone told you that?" She asks, picking up the plastic bag from the floor.

I was never good at drama. My drama teacher so much as told me so. I never really liked to reveal my patients' conditions to their families, because I always told them very forwardly, just wanting to get over the worst. I was never good at keeping secrets either, my eyes spoke more than my mouth.

I vaguely remember Aniket telling me about my lack of talent in acting before we got married. The thought made me blush, since at the time, I had been blindfolded by my cousins, and strategically positioned in Aniket's room as he came out after showering, half dressed.

I placed my right hand on my cheeks, feeling the sadness rush through my whole spirit as I remembered him.

My heart is lost. the only one who could return my pulse is the love of my life, and he is nowhere to be found.

No, I haven't even tried.

Guilt replaces the sadness and I suddenly feel as if I've been slapped. My gullible Aniket trusted me even when he lost his memory and what am I doing? I am breaking his vast trust by not even searching for him. If it were me that was kidnapped, he would be ripping his hair apart trying to find me.

I swallow the guilt, digesting it before it could eat me away. I will find him. After gaining some energy. After solving the nurse issue, and leaving my hospital in good hands. Because, a lot more lives could be saved in this cause.

"What are you thinking about?" Alisha asks, bringing the food closer to me.

"Nothing. I—

I can't tell her anything. She will restrict me searching for my husband in this condition if I tell her anything about my current situation.

I have to prove to her how good I am at keeping secrets. She may have found out that I didn't like to show vulnerability, but I will be really vulnerable if I don't find Aniket.

He's my one weakness.

Even before my mother and father.

"Why did you kiss him?" I ask instead, trying to vainly distract her from my thoughts. If she was anything like my mother, not even my thoughts was safe.

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